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This vs. That

Welcome to day 8 of our #ElevatedSocialDistancing challenge. Today, Rachel walks through the differences between some common asanas (postures or shapes) that can easily be confused. Sometimes it can kind of be like learning a new language where words look similar, are pronounced similar, but have different meanings!

The same thing can be true in yoga. Some poses, even if their names sound nothing alike, look so similar that it can be challenging to understand the subtle differences. Today, we'll explore a few commonly "mixed-up" poses and learn what sets them apart from one another.

Get Started

Today, Rachel reviews in detail the differences between a handful of traditional asanas. After you watch the video, either move through a flow incorporating all of these variations, or simply move through each, staying in each long enough to feel the differences.

Pose variations:

  • High Plank vs. Chaturunga

  • Cobra vs. Upward Facing Dog

  • Warrior I vs. Crescent A

  • Triangle vs. Pyramid

How do I join the challenge?

It's simple and free to join the 10-day challenge. Simply head over to our Instagram to get started. Be sure to follow each of our hosts and sponsors and then participate daily by posting your variation of the daily 'thang, tagging all hosts and sponsors and using our #ElevatedSocialDistancing tag so we can find you. At the end, there are some prizes you could win! Who doesn't love some fun prizes? And, you'll find motivation, inspiration, and maybe bring some new, healthy routines into your day.

Questions? text us (602) 456-2762 or email us

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