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50-Hour Mentorship Program

50 CEUs Upon Completion

Full Color Journal Style Manual

Customized Programming

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If you not only aspire to teach aerial yoga (or one of our other modalities we teach in the studio), but would like to further your practice and advance your teaching skills, this mentorship is perfect for you! Not only will you refine your teaching style, find your voice as a teacher, but you will elevate your assisting and sequencing skills alongside one of our lead teachers and mentors.


Real talk? At some point, EVERY teacher questions their ability to share the gift of a practice (we’ve been there too). Whether you are fresh out of your teacher training feeling like you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you feel intimidated after having taught a few classes that didn't go liked you planned, or maybe you are several years into your teaching with regular students and classes but feeling like you are teaching the same stuff and you’ve lost that spark for teaching — our apprenticeship program is designed to meet you where you are! 


During this 8-week experience, you will work with us to gain feedback on your teaching, deepen your study of the practice, collaborate and connect with other teachers, and receive one-on-one support.

We look forward to working with you, growing with you and being with you in your journey!


Brandi + Amber

Co-Founders of Elevate Yoga


We do not follow a formal curriculum for our apprenticeship program. Rather, we allow the 8-weeks to unfold and be guided by your ability and specific interests in and around what you are doing and learning. The apprenticeship will include shadow teaching, assisting practice, practice teaching, and actual class teaching. All this is done with the support and guidance of your mentor! 


  • Shadow Teaching — Provide backup support / assistance to your mentor in classes | 1x every 2 weeks

  • Assistance Practice — Provide hands-on assistance with mentor’s supervision | 1x every 2 weeks

  • Practice Teaching — Lead and guide sequences to your mentor during training | 1x every 2 weeks

  • Class Teaching — Lead and guide two community classes with the assistance of your mentor

  • Attending Classes — Attend various Elevate Yoga classes each week | up to 3x per week

  • Mentoring Sessions — Attend and actively participate in mentoring sessions | 1x every 2 weeks

Apprentices will participate in weekly 1x1 sessions with your mentor that will include practice teaching opportunities, discussions, self-reflection exercises and open time for questions and dialog. This is your dedicated time to work on the techniques that are important to you!


Community classes will be offered to our Elevate Community and your friends and family. These will be scheduled towards the end of the program and may take place in the 4 weeks following the program, if needed.



A practical component of teaching is not just a completing your training and obtaining a certificate, but actual teaching experience! With our apprenticeship program, we will help you move into the real world of teaching with a high degree of learned, and applied, experience. You’ll fully immerse yourself into the life of a teacher in a focused environment that will enable you to absorb the teaching experience and truly elevate the learning process!


  • Gain feedback on your teaching 

  • Find your authentic voice as a teacher

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring from a lead teacher

  • Deepen your study of the practice by observing teachers you admire

  • Complete reading assignments tailored to your areas of interest

  • Journal about your practice and experience

  • Form bonds with other teachers

  • Receive the opportunity to teach at Elevate Yoga*


*Completion of apprenticeship does not guarantee a teaching position.


Currently, we limit the number of apprentices. This is so that we can dedicate quality time to each apprentice and provide the best mentorship experience possible.

Candidates may submit their application at any time! We do ask that applications should be submitted no less than 30 days prior to desired start date. If maximum apprentices have been accepted, application will roll over to the following cycle. Candidates should meet the following requirements to be considered for the program:

  • Completed at minimum: 200 RYT and any AYTT program*

  • Complete the application form in advance including a well thought out statement of interest

  • Be able to commit to the full 8-week program attending all required sessions


*Students enrolled in an upcoming Elevate Yoga AYTT program will be considered. This requirement is specific to those enrolling in an Aerial Yoga apprenticeship. Aerial Silks candidates should outline applicable background, training and certifications on application.


Program Cost - $999

$200 deposit due upon acceptance to program.

Payment plans available; balance must be paid in full prior to end of program.


  • 50-hour intensive program - to be completed in 90 days

  • 8-week 1x1 mentorship sessions and ongoing support during program 

  • Unlimited class membership during program (specific to the modality apprenticeship is for)

  • Apprenticeship Guide: class planning templates, techniques, language, themes and journal prompts


Candidates should first complete the online application. Be sure to take your time! These questions are designed to help you think more about what you want to get out of your time as an apprentice, how we can best support you in your journey, and your desires post-completion.

We will review the application and let you know within a couple of days if you've been accepted into the next cycle! Once we've accepted your application, you'll receive an invoice for the deposit.

That's it! We'll be in touch to get you prepared for day 1!

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