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Tarot Card Reader Training, Phoenix, Arizona, Elevate Yoga & Wellness


4 Day Immersive Program

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unlock the magic within

Tarot card reading is a gateway to discovering and honing your intuitive abilities. As you immerse yourself in the symbolism of the cards, you'll find your inner wisdom and intuition awakening. Learning to read tarot encourages you to trust your instincts and embrace the subtler energies guiding your path.

In this program you will:

  • Build a regular tarot practice grounded in self care

  • Begin to develop your own personal, intuitive approach to the cards

  • Use the tarot to frame and understand the events taking place in your own life

  • Learn to read the stories and narratives in the tarot 

  • Get to know the symbols found in your tarot cards

  • Explore what the symbols in tarot means for you

  • Grow your confidence in reading for others

  • Become a more confident, more intuitive, more you tarot reader

Tarot Card Reader Training, Phoenix, Arizona, Elevate Yoga & Wellness

the program

This 4-day journey into a more personal relationship with Tarot will explore the basics of and give you the tools you need for spiritual transformation, healing, helping people, and some good ole divination.


Get a solid Tarot foundation so you can connect with and learn to trust your intuition and become a kick-ass reader. Whether you want to gain confidence in reading for yourself or others, this training is for you.


  • 4-day in person training

  • Tarot journal

  • Beginners tarot card set

  • Gift bag from your facilitator

I really enjoyed learning Tarot with Julie. She’s fun and knowledgeable which made it easy to learn and ask questions.

Samantha H

Upcoming Enrollments

Summer Cohort

Sundays in July @ 3:30pm

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Lifetime Access

3-hr Immersive Course

Downloadable / Printable Guides

Access to Julie for Questions

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Tarot Card Reader Training, Phoenix, Arizona, Elevate Yoga & Wellness

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Your Investment in You

$50 down secures your spot with flexible payment plans available.
Early bird enrollment saves $50 off.

Tarot Card Reader Training

($349 After June 30)

Purchase this program on demand.

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