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New to Elevate Yoga & Wellness? Explore our commUNITY and get to know us and all we have to offer with our Aerial Silks Trial! Get started for just $79.*

✓ Boutique experience with small classes

✓ Classes for everyONE and everyBODY

✓ Not just a studio, a true commUNITY

✓ Certified, experienced teachers

✓ Experience for the body & mind

✓ Includes 1 Aerial Silks Foundations class per week for 4 weeks

*Trials are reserved for local residents only.


aerial silks foundations


This class is designed to give you the knowledge base to step into our Aerial Silks classes with confidence! It focuses on the strength and technique needed for Aerial Silks classes, and is perfect for those brand new to silks or aerial in general. 


What to expect...

  • Warm up with mat-based Yoga and grounded conditioning

  • Learn fundamental shapes, wraps, basic climbs, inversions and vocabulary

  • Build confidence in the foundations of Aerial Silks to prepare you to move into Aerial Silks classes

This class is a good fit for those that are brand new to Aerial Silks, new to Aerial Silks in our studio, and those looking to work on more strength, conditioning, core and Aerial centric practice. It is open to all skill levels, no matter where you are in your journey.




Q: Do I have to attend the Aerial Silks Foundations? The short answer is yes. Students that are new to Aerial Silks or new to our studio will benefit from learning the foundations of the practice, learning how we cue and teach the practice in our studio, and getting to know our community. After your first class, your teacher will work with you on how many Foundations classes are recomended to help you feel confident in your practice. You're auto-enrolled in our Foundations class each week for four weeks. This is to ensure you have a spot secured! If your teachers has determined you are able to move into our regular Silks classes, we will work to get your registrations moved.

Q: Do I need a mat? Yep! We are a yoga studio and all of our classes are rooted in your traditional mat based practice and include ground work.

Q: What time do I arrive? We ask that students arrive 10-minutes early to all classes. This gives you time to check in with our amaing front desk staff, get settled in the classroom, roll out your mat, and get to know the teacher and other students!

Q: What if I can't attend the day Aerial Silks Foundations takes place? That's ok! We have some other options we can explore. Shoot us a text or email and we'll work with you to get you started!

Q: Can I attend other classes? Absolutely! If you'd like to attend Aerial Yoga or Restorative classes during your Silks trial, we can work with you to get those added.

Q: What if I'm late or need to cancel? We do ask that you give a 4-hour notice to cancel for all classes. If you are running a bit late (we get it, life happens), be sure to send our front desk staff a text!

Q: Can I book for a friend? Yep! Click on the "send as gift" to gift to your friend.

Q: Where do I park? There is free parking in the Gold Spot parking garage located directly accross from our entrance. There's additional free parking along the back side of the building, 3rd Avenue and Portland.

Q: What if I have more questions? We've got you! Your teacher and the front desk staff will be in touch throughout your 3-week journey so you're never alone. If you have questions between now and getting started, feel free to text or email us!

Click here to view our full studio FAQ.

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