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mix, match and elevate your body + mind to reach your goals.

Elevate Group Classes


From classes that will help relax and restore the nervous system to classes that will get your sweat on, there is a little something for everyBODY and every ability level. Because your experience is the most important thing, be sure to read the class descriptions PRIOR to registering for classes so you know what to expect.

Click here to read about the difference between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks. 

aerial yoga classes


New to Elevate? Our Foundations classes are the perfect way to start your journey with us. We have designed these classes intentionally with YOU in mind. In these classes you will learn the foundations of what the practice looks like in our studio, be introduced to what sequencing and cueing looks like in our space, and learn to build trust with using the aerial fabric. You'll also have a chance to get to know us and feel comfortable navigating our studio culture before signing up for a membership. All students new to our studio are required to attend these prior to attending our other leveled classes so you can have the best experience possible!



Low Flow is our unique spin our traditional Flow style of class. The hammock is lowered to about the knee where you may notice some sequencing is more challenge and some is more accessible. It is the perfect balance of yang and yin. After warming up the body, we will explore a new spin on our traditional sequencing, shapes and inversions. We'll balance this challenge to your strength and balance with some deep Yin style stretching weaved in. You'll end in savasana either floating or grounded.



Our early morning classes are an active class designed to wake you up and start your day off with some strength and energy. We will begin with an energizing flow and finish with some gentle stretching. In addition to your traditional Aerial Yoga Flow you can expect some strength and conditioning work, specifically targeting core and upper body strength along with an inversion to decompress the spine. Class will end with a soothing, yet uplifting, savasana to kick start your day.



This class will link breath with movement where you will get to explore creative sequencing, often incorporating a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga practices that use the aerial hammock as a prop. Our Flow classes will build endurance, stability, and confidence along with lengthening the body and decompressing the spine, getting your entire body and coordination ready to take your practice to the next level. Class will end with a relaxing savasana.



Our glow with the flow classes are great for seasoned students and beginners alike – featuring continuous flow style movement with short periods of higher intensity and others with slower relaxing asanas! We'll even explore our foundational aerial yoga inversions using the aerial hammock making it the perfect class to let loose and unwind with. Wear your brightest neon and get ready to glow and flow in the dark. And as always, class will end with a relaxing savasana.



This class might move at a slower pace, but don't let the name fool you. Slow Flow moves at a slower pace designed to help you learn how to properly engage the body, control movement, and find balance. As you slowly flow through creative sequencing, and through our foundational inversions, you will build heat in the body that increases strength, balance, stability, and control in ways that will prepare you for our other classes. Class will end with a soothing savasana and sometimes sound healing.



This class is perfect for those that are ready to kick things up a notch. Class will move at a quicker pace than all of our other classes and is designed to help students incorporate more focus on building the strength, endurance and body control needed to truly elevate their practice. There will be moments of cardio based sequencing, lower-intensity mobility work, and introduction to our more advanced sequencing, transitions, inversions and skills. This dynamic class is fun and will end with a soothing savasana.


restore + meditate classes


This slower paced class focuses on deep relaxation of the body and mind using a combination of intentional, mindful and gentle movement, supportive restorative shapes and a guided sound meditation with extended savasana. Class has a strong emphasis on learning to connect to your breath, bringing awareness to the body, conscious relaxation, concentrated focus, mindfulness, releasing tension and recovery. A good fit for those with stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, minor injuries, physical limitations, and those simply looking to relax. Class will end with a soothing sound healing session and will leave feeling relaxed and your nervous system realigned.

aerial silks classes


This class is designed to give you the knowledge base to step into our Aerial Silks classes with confidence! It focuses on the strength and technique needed for Aerial Silk skills, and is perfect for those brand new to silks or aerial in general. It begins with a mat-based yoga warm up followed by grounded conditioning. Class then moves to the Aerial Silks, where students will learn fundamental shapes, wraps, and basic climbs. Students will learn basic foot locks, inversions, and vocabulary that will provide the foundation for success moving forward in our other Aerial Silk classes.


There are no pre-reqs for this class and all ability levels are welcome. If you are new to Aerial Silks -or- new to our studio, you will be required to take this class prior to other Aerial Silks classes.



This class focuses on the strength and technique needed for Aerial Silk skills. It begins with a mat-based yoga warm up followed by grounded conditioning. Class then moves to the Aerial Silks where students will continue conditioning and work on climbing the fabric. Each class has a skill focus, such as learning foot locks, inversions and wraps and various shapes that can be done within. After attending at least 3 Aerial Silks Foundations, we will meet you where you’re at in this faster paced and skill-based Aerial Silks class.
It is strongly recommended that students attend at least 8 Aerial Silks Foundations classes prior to joining this class. Students should be familiar with: basic climb, single and double foot locks, hip key, catcher's wrap and crochet hang.



In Elevated Aerial Silks classes students will begin to work on multi-step skills and longer aerial sequences. It begins with a mat-based yoga warm up followed by grounded conditioning. Class then moves to the aerial silks, where students will continue conditioning that includes inversions, pull-ups, and multiple climbs. Skills will consist of longer sequences with multiple options, advanced wraps and locks, and some weight-shifts.

Students should first attend our Aerial Silks classes prior to joining this class. Students should be able to perform the following skills independently prior to: basic climb, single and double foot locks, hip key, catcher's wrap and crochet hang.


aerial yoga
mat yoga

Get To Know Our Levels



Ideal for beginners, those new to our studio and even students that want a refresher on the basics. In these classes you will learn everything you need to know to confidently navigate our other classes and gain trust in using the aerial fabric.​ Class pace is slow and may include workshopping skills and inversions along the way. Class also has a strong focus on alignment and proper form to help prepare you to get the most from our other classes.

*Foundations is required prior to attending other leveled classes.



Perfect for those fresh out of our Foundations classes, those that have established a practice at another studio and those that have built confidence in their pracitce and are ready to navigate the inversions independently. You can expect the option to explore more complex sequencing or the option to modify based on where you are personally at in your practice. Class pace is moderate and steady and will empower and challenge you to try new things.

*It is strongly recommend new students attend 3 Foudations prior to attending these classes. 



These classes will challenge your endurance, stability and build strength along with explore more advanced variations of inversions and skills using the aerial fabric. This class is reserved for those that have mastered body awareness, proper foundational form, control and alignment, and can confidently flow through a class with little assistance. Class will build heat and explore advanced sequencing, skills and inversions.

*Students are required to attend at least 3 level 2 style classes and should be able to navigate the fabric without assistance.

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