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Aerial Yoga vs. Aerial Silks

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

So what exactly is the difference between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks? While you will notice similar skills are explored, cueing can sometimes be similar, and the benefits overlap, there are a few key differences between the two practices! Here we look at what the differences and similarities are.


Class Structure

First, let's look at the class structure of these two classes. This is something that is very different between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks.

Aerial Yoga Class Structure

Aerial Yoga is rooted in traditional yoga philosophy, including elements such as grounding, breath work, intention setting, traditional yoga asanas {shapes} and savasana.

Think of Aerial Yoga as a mat based yoga practice that uses an aerial hammock as a prop to support you and to deepen your practice.

An Aerial Yoga class is guided by a teacher in a flow style where you will move through yoga based sequencing. In addition to exploring traditional grounded yoga sequencing and shapes, the support of the aerial hammock makes inversions accessible, challenges our balance, helps us incorporate pull strength, and allows us to go deeper into certain shapes {hello mobility, flexibility and stability}.

Aerial Silks Class Structure

With an Aerial Silks class, you will learn a specific set of skills, and shapes, that will progress week to week after attending consistently. And, you will get a strong physical workout in the process.

After using yoga-based warm ups to prepare the body, class will move into a workshop style format where students take turns learning Aerial Silks skills such as climbs, conditioning and basic foot locks.

Aerial Silks classes will target your physical strength, figure and mood. And, unlike an Aerial Yoga practice, you'll spend most of the time learning shapes and sequencing that has you suspended in the air.



One immediately noticeable difference between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks is the way the fabric is rigged. Aerial Yoga (pictured on the left) uses the aerial silk fabric tied into a hammock. With Aerial Silks (pictured on the right), the fabric is hung from the center, creating two free tails.



One thing that the two have in common? Both Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks are more than just fun activities with sequencing and shapes that look beautiful for the 'gram! Each provide a range of health benefits that target your physical strength, figure, mood and well-being.

Both Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks are some of the best practices for mind-body awareness out there. Here are just a handful of our favorite benefits you can expect when practicing both Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks:

  • Improved flexibility, mobility and stability

  • Joint pressure, tension and stress relief

  • Spinal decompression

  • Increased balance and proprioception (body awareness)

  • Improved core, arm and leg strength

  • Improved breath awareness

  • Increased grip and muscle strength

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Makes inversions accessible

  • Releases endorphins

  • Strengthens joints and ligaments

  • Deepens muscle relaxation

  • Improved posture


Aerial Yoga or Aerial Silks?

So which to choose? Where do you start? At Elevate, our Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks classes are designed with all skill levels in mind! That means seasoned practitioners and beginners alike are welcome into our space. Yep, no experience is necessary (we'll meet you where you are)! Depending on what you're looking for out of a practice will depend on where you begin. And, some students may enjoy exploring both!

Choose Aerial Yoga to...

  • Remain more grounded in your practice

  • Flow between unique, creative sequencing

  • Explore fun shapes with hammock support

  • Incorporate a traditional yoga practice

  • Learn how to link breath with movement

  • End with a soothing savasana

Choose Aerial Silks to...

  • Suspend your practice in the air

  • Explore specific skills and shapes

  • Learn more body awareness and control

  • Ignite your core and flexibility

  • Try something new and fun

  • Add high-intensity into your routine

Wherever you choose to start, both Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks go hand in hand and share similarities as well as endless benefits! In each practice, you'll learn sequencing, skills and shapes that are built on top of each other and you'll quickly find yourself growing within whichever practice you choose. And, if you do both, you'll likely find them beautifully complimenting one another!

Both start with foundational concepts and proceed to more advanced concepts. While no experience is required for a beginner, continuous practice and consistency is key to growing your own practice. The most important step? To start. We can't wait to help you get started on your own Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks journey!

Questions? Email us at or text us at (602) 456-2762


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