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Transform Your Practice: Join Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training This Summer!

Are you ready to elevate your yoga practice—literally? This summer, we are thrilled to offer our highly anticipated Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, a transformative journey designed for both aspiring teachers and dedicated students. Whether you're looking to deepen your personal practice or share the magic of aerial yoga with others, this training is for you.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Phoenix, Arizona | Elevate Yoga & Wellness

Who Is This Training For?

Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is open to everyONE and everyBODY:

  • Teachers: Whether you are currently enrolled in your 200hr YTT (or other certification such as Pilates, etc) or you've already completed your base training, this training will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need, and compliment you wherever you are on your journey!

  • Students: Even if teaching isn't your goal, this training will deepen your understanding of aerial yoga, enhancing your personal practice and offering new challenges and perspectives. It'll help you create a new relationship with your practice and your understanding of the practice as a whole, creating new opportunities in your journey.

What to Expect

Our comprehensive training program spans two intensive weekends, starting on July 20. Here's what you'll dive into:

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Phoenix, Arizona | Elevate Yoga & Wellness

Aerial Yoga Philosophy

Understand the roots and benefits of aerial yoga. Learn the terminology and the unique philosophy that makes this practice so enriching.

Translating Mat Practice to Hammock

Discover how to adapt traditional mat yoga poses to the aerial hammock. Gain insights into the similarities and differences, and how to effectively transition between the two.

Anatomy and Body Impacts

Learn about the anatomical benefits of aerial yoga and how it impacts the body differently from traditional yoga. This knowledge is crucial for both personal practice and teaching others.

Master Over 65+ Aerial Yoga Asanas

We'll cover more than 65 aerial yoga shapes with comprehensive breakdowns. You'll learn how to sequence, teach, and assist these shapes safely and effectively.

Hands-On Application

Practice teaching and assisting students in real-time. Gain confidence in your ability to lead classes and offer modifications for different skill levels.

Class Structure and Sequencing

Learn how to structure a successful aerial yoga class. We'll cover everything from warm-ups to cool-downs, ensuring your classes are well-rounded and engaging.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Phoenix, Arizona | Elevate Yoga & Wellness

"Because this training has provided me with the space to develop more confidence with my voice as a teacher, I feel more prepared to step into this role of guiding others. Of course, learning the shapes and technicalities was very effective and well communicated however, for me, learning to believe in my ability to command and lead has been the greatest lesson. Lastly, I adore the communal support at Elevate, it’s truly unmatched. They embody what it means to belong. As a black yogi, who doesn’t have the “typical” yoga body type, I have encountered my fair share of discomfort in yoga spaces but at Elevate it’s welcoming. I recommend this training for EVERY body." - Shauntay B.


Why Enroll?

While the benefits of this program are endless, there are some things that are special and unexpected:

Personal Transformation

Aerial yoga isn’t just about fun and novelty; it’s a comprehensive practice that enhances your physical and mental well-being. The blend of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness required in aerial yoga elevates your practice, enhancing your physical abilities. More importantly, the growth you'll experience by maintaining balance and mindfulness fosters a profound sense of transformation in your journey, unlike any other.

Overcome Plateaus in Your Practice

Are you feeling stuck or uninspired in your current routine? Aerial yoga teacher training offers a fresh and exciting challenge that can reignite your passion for practice. By learning new asanas and techniques, specific to the intricate ways your body moves, you’ll break through those plateaus and experience growth in ways you never imagined. Embrace the thrill of trying something new and watch your confidence soar.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Phoenix, Arizona | Elevate Yoga & Wellness

"Participating in the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training has been an enlightening part of my yoga journey. Inspired by Gandhi's 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever,' I've embraced this experience not just to learn but to integrate yoga more deeply into my life. Immense gratitude to the instructors and fellow students for their guidance, acceptance, and the nurturing environment. This training has offered profound insights and connections, enriching my path forward." -Indri D

Limited-Time Offer

When you enroll by July 15 . . .

  • Save $250 OFF enrollment

  • Get a FREE aerial yoga hammock

  • Members, save an additional 20% OFF

Ready to Take Flight?

Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a course—it's a journey of transformation. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and empower others. Spaces are limited and early bird pricing ends July 15. Secure your spot with a $99 deposit (flexible payment plans available).

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