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Celebrate with Aerial Yoga: Book Your Private Party Today & Get a FREE Sound Meditation

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate a special occasion? Whether it's a birthday, bachelorette party, bridal shower, girls' night out, or a team-building event, our private aerial yoga parties offer the perfect blend of fun, health, and connection. At our aerial yoga studio, we believe in creating experiences that bring people together, foster community, and leave lasting memories. And for anyone who books a party in July, you'll receive a complimentary 15-minute sound meditation add-on!

Private Aerial Yoga Party

Why Choose a Private Aerial Yoga Party?

100% Customizable Packages

Our private party packages are designed with you in mind. Think of us as your personal party planner! We work closely with you to create a customized experience that meets your group's needs and preferences. From the style of yoga class to the music playlist, every detail is tailored to ensure your event is as unique as you are.

Private Aerial Yoga Party

Perfect for Any Occasion

No matter what you're celebrating, an aerial yoga party is a fantastic way to mark the occasion. Our classes are perfect for:

  • Birthdays - Celebrate another trip around the sun with an invigorating yoga session.

  • Bachelorette Parties - Kick off the bride-to-be's festivities with a fun and unique activity.

  • Bridal Showers - Bring the bridal party together in a serene and supportive environment.

  • Girls' Night Out - Spend quality time with your besties in a healthy and fun setting.

  • Team Builders - Strengthen team bonds and boost morale with a collaborative yoga experience.

Health & Connection

In our fast-paced world, finding time to connect with loved ones can be challenging. A private aerial yoga party offers a wonderful opportunity to bond with friends, family, or colleagues in a healthy and supportive environment. Our classes not only provide physical benefits but also promote mental well-being, helping everyone feel empowered and uplifted.

Elevate Your Experience with Special Add-Ons To make your event even more memorable, we offer a range of special add-ons.

Private Aerial Yoga Party

These unique touches can elevate your celebration and provide an unforgettable experience for your guests:

  • Crystal Singing Bowls - Add a soothing sound meditation during an extended savasana.

  • Intention Setting Keepsake - Write intentions on plantable wildflower paper and place them in a keepsake jar for the guest of honor.

  • Build Your Own Mimosa & Mochidot Donut Bar - Enjoy bubbly, a variety of juices, and locally made mochi donut dots.

  • Custom DIY Candle Making - Create your own custom candle with Cactus & Vine.

  • Wine Tasting - After class, head over to GenuWine, a locally owned self-serve wine bar.

  • Professional Photos - Commemorate your experience with professionally captured and edited photos with A Pilgrim's Eye.

  • Tarot Card Readings - Gain insights and guidance with a Tarot card reading for your entire group after class.

BONUS: Book Your Party in July and Enjoy a Complimentary Sound Meditation

We're now taking bookings for July, and to make your event even more special, we're offering a FREE 15-minute sound meditation add-on for all July bookings. This calming experience is the perfect way to conclude your aerial yoga session, leaving everyone feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

How to Book

Ready to elevate your celebration? Booking your private aerial yoga party is easy! Click here to submit your request and we'll work with you to create the perfect event. Whether you're planning a celebration at our studio or at a location of your choice, we're here to ensure your party is a success.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, celebrate, and create lasting memories with your favorite people. Book your private aerial yoga party today and enjoy the unique, uplifting experience we have to offer. 🌿

Let's make your celebration unforgettable. Reach out to us now to secure your booking for July and take advantage of our special offer. We can't wait to help you create a magical event that you and your guests will cherish forever. 💖

Private Aerial Yoga Party

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