25-Hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

with Eleanor Bramwell and BodyWise Institution


In a restorative yoga practice, we open the aperture of our awareness, and we access a state of potency. Through lecture, group discussion, and practicum you will learn how to guide yourself and others into a deeper state of being.

Pathways to this deeper state include supported postures, pranayama, and meditation; the nervous system is regulated, our endocrine (hormonal) system is activated, and we are able to rest and digest life. Measurable results of relaxation include reduction of blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, and fatigue. These states are also show to improve immune function, digestion, strengthen the vagal tone, increase heart rate variability, and regulate the nervous system.

This training program provides the foundation to invoke the body’s natural state.


You will learn:

  • How to confidently guide students through a full restorative class or incorporate restorative states into other yoga classes

  • The creative art of using props

  • Introduction to assisting, and touch theory

  • How to intelligently sequence a series that will initiate relaxation, healing, and nervous system regulation

  • Introduction to trauma, heart rate variability, vagal tone and the stress response

  • Anatomy of the nervous system and understanding of how restoration supports a dis-regulated nervous system

  • Breathing mechanics (anatomy, and embryological origin)

  • The neurological benefits of pranayama (breath)

  • Anatomy of endocrine (hormonal) systems

  • What is it to restore? How is it different than resting, meditating or sleeping?


Sessions meet as follows:

Friday, September 13  4pm - 7pm

Saturday, September 14   12:15pm - 8pm (includes lunch break)

Sunday, September 15   8am - 5pm (includes lunch break)



Regular - $399    Student - $349


Payment plans available (must be paid in full before day 1 of training).


Eleanor believes in the untold potential of each being, and stewards the human impulse towards wholeness and healing.

She is known for creating sacred space and powerful facilitation. A professional training with her will grow you, as she weaves invitations for self growth and transpersonal relating into the curriculum of her professional trainings…

She developed a 1,200 Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Program and Certificate Program in Somatic Psychotherapy for Clinicians.

Eleanor’s education as a Board Certified Structural Integrator, in nutrition and in trauma theory give her a unique view of trauma theory and how it impacts the body, specifically the fascial system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

The executive director of BodyWise Foundation; Eleanor is dedicated to a life of service, she founded the non profit offering free resources to those healing trauma. A radical visionary, and conscious entrepreneur, she is the CEO of BodyWise Institute.

Eleanor is dedicated to her own self transformation, and studied with /is certified in:

  • Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter Levine

  • Trauma Releasing Exercises with Maria Alfaro/ TRE

  • Structural Integration (also know as Rolfing) with Tom Meyers/Kenisis

  • Trauma with Dr. Bessel Van derKolk

  • Trauma Sensitive Care with David Emmerson and the Justice Resource Center

  • Psychology with Towson University

  • Nutrition with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Breath Work with Jessica Dibb/ICS

  • Thai Massage with International Training Massage School (Thailand), and one on one apprenticeships with masters

  • Yoga with Nosara Yoga Institute (Costa Rica), Indu Jane Fyer, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center (India), Elena Brower, Rodney Yee, Noah Maze, Passion Yoga School, John Friend, Sivanada Yoga Ashram, Kim Manifredi, Shiva Rae, Sean Corne, AcroYoga International

Eleanor has always believed what the research now confirms: embodiment and mindful movement heal. We can change our biology, neurology, and physiology through movement.

She has been teaching yoga since 2006, and practicing yoga since the age of six! As a child and teen she was a ranking competitive swimmer. After college she began mountaineering and stepped on stage as a professional acrobat.

Intentionally moving her body and into flow states, Eleanor has transformed her experience of having a body. Ecstatic dancing, primal movement training and rock climbing have been powerful modalities in her personal healing journey. She is outside when ever possible hiking, surfing, backpacking, skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and howling at the moon.

A seeker of self understanding, Eleanor spent considerable time living in Buddhist Monasteries in both India and Nepal. She continues striving to deepen a personal practice, presence, and mindfulness. A powerful urge within took her to the west coast where she studied plant medicine with a First Nation Medicine woman. Her dedication to be of service for our planet motivated her to volunteer with children in Central America for 3 years, and to address climate change in India for 2 years.

Eleanor is a community builder. She recognizes the importance of relationships, belonging, authenticity, vulnerability, and sharing ourselves with others.

Before developing her own material, she worked as a senior instructor and mentor during 200hr YTT programs. El felt is was a great privilege to support students finding their voices.


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text or call (602) 456-2762


1001 N 3rd Ave | Ste 2

Downtown Phoenix, AZ

Studio Hours

Studio is open by appointment

Doors open 10 minutes before class