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Aerial Yoga Classes Phoenix Arizona


something for everyone

Find classes that meet you where you are. Whether it’s Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks, or our Meditation practices we offer at our studio, we invite everyONE and everyBODY to join our commUNITY!



we can't wait to fly with you

New to Elevate Yoga and local to the area? Explore all we have to offer, and get to know our commUNITY, with a new student trial!

Aerial Yoga Classes Phoenix Arizona

Just visiting? We have single class, weekly and monthly options available for visitors. Visit the schedule to book single classes. To purchase a weekly or monthly guest pass, view our pricing options.


weekly class

weekly schedule

After you've signed up for your trial or membership you can either download our mobile app (Momence) or come back here to book classes. Because we are a membership based studio, some classes are not available for single class drop ins and some classes do have pre-requisites prior to attending them. For questions or help, get in touch here.

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