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Bring Yo Buddy: Get Rewarded

Did you know? When you commit to your health and wellness journey with a friend, you're more likely to feel more motivated, be more adventurous, and be more consistent. Yep! Working out regularly, committing to a consistent yoga practice, making good choices with your food, etc. can be hard to stick to when we're in it alone. But simply telling someone you respect what you're going to do is a powerful way to stay on track and avoid impulsive decisions and derailing from your commitments.

5 Reasons Why Having an Accountability Buddy is Good For You

  1. Creates Consistency

  2. Adds Fun to Your Routines

  3. Friendly Competition

  4. A Break From Life

  5. Someone to Celebrate With

So... if you've got those friends, family members, co-workers, your barista, hairdresser, etc. that you've found yourself talking about Elevate to, why not extend an invite and get rewarded for it! We're excited to announce that our Spring Bring Yo Buddy program is now LIVE! From April 4 through May 14, invite your buddies to class and get rewarded! Read on for all of the juicy deets...


Apr 4 - May 14

Referral challenge rules:

  • Bring a NEW student to their first class with you for only $14—50% OFF

  • When your buddy signs up for a qualifying membership THEY get 50% off their 1st month and YOU get FREE Elevate swag

  • Each buddy that signs up for a membership YOU get 1 drawing entry for an epic prize

The more buddies you bring that sign up, the greater chances of winning one of three prizes!



Bringing your buddy to class between Monday, April 4 and Saturday, May 14 is as easy as 1-2-3:

STEP 1: Have your buddy create a profile in Wellness Living.

STEP 2: Get you and your buddy signed up for a class.

Are YOU are treating your buddy to class?

We'll make sure your buddy gets signed up for class using the card you have on file.

Is your buddy paying for themself?

We'll send your buddy a discount code for them to use when signing up.

STEP 3: Attend class and have some fun!

We'll be in touch with your buddy to make sure they have the best experience as possible with their first visit to the studio. As the referring member, you can help by getting them excited to give us a try and by letting them know that a friendly Elevate team member will be in touch.

After their first visit to the studio, your buddy will have the option to do a 3-week trial to try some more classes before signing up for a membership. Or, if they're ready to dive right in, they can skip the trial and join our family right away. Once they are signed up for a qualifying membership, we'll get in touch with you to get you your FREE Elevate swag!

Our classes are fun—it's part of what makes us unique, but they should also push you to be better, do better, be consistent, be YOU and prioritize YOU. We encourage everyONE and everBODY to find a buddy and work together towards one common goal. When you have an accountability system in place, we promise, it will set you up for success! —Amber + Brandi, Elevate Co-Founders


Three lucky members will be selected for these EPIC prize bundles. We'll do a live drawing on Monday, June 2 (you don't need to attend to win, but that sure would make it that much more fun). This will give all buddies a chance to wrap up their trials {if applicable} and time to get signed up for their membership.


Private Aerial Yoga Party

Enjoy a private party for you and up to 9 of your closest friends! This customized 60-minute class will be time dedicated to work on what you want to, music of your choice, and time to have an epic blast with friends!

Value: $390


Private Aerial Silks Party

Enjoy a private party for you and up to 4 of your closest friends! This customized 60-minute class will be time dedicated to learn something new, have some fun, step out of your comfort zone, and let loose!

Value: $195


Private Reiki Restorative Session

Enjoy a private one-on-one Restorative Reiki session. This 75-minute session will combine three of our most healing modalities for you to experience all in one: Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing.

Value: $150



Let us know: or text (602) 456-2762

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