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Elevate Your Summer Challenge

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Get on your mat and into the hammock / silk this summer and join our Elevate Your Summer Challenge! This fun and inspiring challenge consists of multiple activities or ‘challenges’ to complete throughout the summer in the form of Bingo!

The challenge starts July 15 and runs through August 15 so you have just over a month to complete your challenge card! When you complete Bingo you will turn your card in for prizes, some fresh new Elevate swag, and a chance at a free 30-day unlimited class pass.

Members get to participate using their membership and by purchasing a Bingo card at the front desk for $20. Not a member? Get our unlimited class pass and Bingo card for just $189.

Elevate Yoga Summer Challenge Phoenix Arizona

How to Play

1 // Purchase a bingo card, write your name on it, set your class goal, and add it to the wall to track your progress

  • Members: Purchase your Bingo card for $20 - click here

  • Non-Members: Purchase an unlimited class pack and your Bingo card for $189 - click here

2 // Start attending classes and completing the activities, checking in with the front desk to receive credit each time

3 // Once you get bingo let the front desk know so they can verify and add your name to the bingo winners list

How to Win

There are 4 ways you can claim Bingo!

  • 4 Corners or Any Line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) = Free Buddy Pass to gift to a friend ($34 value)

  • X = 50% off a special event (up to $40 value)

  • Full Card = Free Buddy Pass ($34 value), New Elevate Swag ($25 value), 50% off a special event (up to $40 value) PLUS you'll be entered into a drawing for a free month of unlimited classes ($189 value)

Elevate Yoga Summer Challenge Phoenix Arizona


  • Class attendance / activities must be completed between Jul 15 and Aug 15

  • Each visit / activity / purchase completed can count towards 1 square

  • Each card can only win one prize

  • Each square must be verified and stamped by the Elevate team

  • Results will be verified and completed the week of August 21

Non-Members Click Here

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