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Use Your Senses

Welcome to day 2 of our #ElevatedSocialDistancing challenge. Today, Jeanette talks to us about how we can use our senses to enrich our meditation experience. Did you know that focusing on your five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) will help you get your om on?!

Yes! By practicing this you’ll create the ultimate meditation experience and awaken your senses, ultimately allowing you to use your environment to calm down the mind.

This can be an extremely useful technique specially during times where we are experiencing overwhelming emotions. It will invite in mindfulness not only during the practice, but when practiced regularly, you'll notice you become more mindful when you need it most.

So, when you do notice you are feeling overwhelmed, use this exercise to bring yourself back to the here and now. It takes just a few minutes and extends an invitation to be present.

How to Practice

Find a quiet, comfortable space to set up in. While completely optional, we recommend bringing with you a cup of hot tea, maybe some essential oils, or even light an incense. When you're ready to begin set a 10 minute timer. You'll focus on each of the 5 senses for 2 minutes each. Below is one way you can spend your 2 minutes.

  1. Sight: Leaving the eyes open, notice five things you can see. Say them out loud or silently in your head. For each item, pause and take in every detail about them completely.

  2. Touch: Notice four things around you that you can feel. Notice them out loud or in your head. Allow your attention to rest with each sensation for a few deep breaths, taking in every detail about the feeling.

  3. Sound: Notice three things you can hear. Try to choose three different sounds. Take in everything you can about the sound, spending time with each one.

  4. Smell: Taking some big deep breaths, notice two things in this moment. Maybe you've brought some tea with you or some essential oils or maybe you have some incense burning. Simply notice what you're smelling. If you don't have anything with you, simply notice your favorite scents that make you happy.

  5. Taste: Focus on one thing you can taste. Taking a sip of hot tea or juice is a great way to invoke sensations on the taste buds. Just notice the flavors. If you don't have anything with you, notice some of your favorite flavors you enjoy.

Here is your day 2 host, Jeanette, walking us through more about how to use our senses to meditate:

So, what's next?

After completing your 10 minute meditation, don't stop there! This method of meditation can be used anytime, anywhere. When you feel frustrated, unfocused, or need a mood booster, take a few minutes, close your eyes, and simply notice what you see, smell, taste, feel, and hear! Just simply notice.

How do I join the challenge?

It's simple and free to join the 10-day challenge. Simply head over to our Instagram to get started. Be sure to follow each of our hosts and sponsors and then participate daily by posting your variation of the daily 'thang, tagging all hosts and sponsors and using our #ElevatedSocialDistancing tag so we can find you. At the end, there are some prizes you could win! Who doesn't love some fun prizes? And, you'll find motivation, inspiration, and maybe bring some new, healthy routines into your day.

Questions? text us (602) 456-2762 or email us

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