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Unwind & Unknot: Restorative Aerial Yoga + Trigger Point Therapy Workshop Series

Are you feeling the weight of stress and tension in your body? Are muscle knots and tightness hindering your mobility and well-being? It's time to release, relax, and rejuvenate with our Unwind & Unknot workshop series, led by Amber, Co-Owner of Elevate Yoga, and Tracy, Owner of Better Fit Therapy.

Upcoming Series Dates:

What to Expect:

This workshop series is designed to target different parts of the body and build upon one another, giving you tools you can use at home to help nourish your body, unwind and unknot.

Unwind & Unknot, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix Arizona, Aerial Yoga

Using the perfect balance between yang and yin, we'll start with intentional movement designed to strengthen targeted areas of the body and then wind down into soothing restorative shapes to restore the nervous system, optimally putting the body in a place it's best able to reap the benefits of our more active practices.

Breathwork and Intention Setting: Each workshop will kick off with mindfulness as you learn to cultivate awareness through breathwork and set intentions for the workshop.

Strength Workshop: Learn targeted drills and exercises to strengthen essential muscles for both your aerial yoga practice and daily mobility. These exercises will prepare your body for the restorative practice to come.

Restorative Aerial Yoga: Sink into soothing restorative yoga shapes, supported by props and the aerial hammock, to gently release tension and promote true rest and digest. You'll be guided through passive shapes that encourage deep relaxation and healing.

Trigger Point Therapy: Experience hands-on trigger point therapy to encourage the release of tension in your connective tissue while you settle into your restorative practice. This therapy helps soothe stiff and sore muscles, promoting healing and rejuvenation.

This workshop series isn't just about physical healing; it's a journey to reconnect with your body through movement, understand your range of motion, and liberate areas that feel "stuck" or "tight." Get ready to unwind, unknot, and say "ahhh!" to a relaxed and rejuvenated you.


Enrollment Details:

Join us for Unwind & Unknot: Yoga + Trigger Point Therapy and let go of stress, tension, and muscle knots as you embark on a journey of self-care and relaxation. Whether you're new to these practices or a seasoned yogi(ni), this workshop series will provide you with valuable tools to enhance your well-being. Reserve your spot today and prioritize your self-care journey.

Single Workshop Enrollment

  • Members: $49 per person (2 for $69*)

  • Non-Members: $59 per person (2 for $99*)

*Use code UNWIND for discount on 2nd ticket

Entire Workshop Series Enrollment - Save 20% when you sign up for all 3 workshops!

  • Members: $119 per person (2 for $179)

  • Non-Members: $149 per person (2 for $269)

*Email for discount on entire series

Upcoming Dates:


Get to Know Your Facilitators

Amber, Co-Founder of Elevate Yoga

Unwind & Unknot, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix Arizona, Aerial Yoga

Amber has practiced and studied yoga since 2005. After developing a personal practice over the course of 10+ years, Amber's practice truly began to develop after moving to Arizona in 2008. After years of deepening her own practice, she decided to take her passion into the classroom and began the journey of becoming a teacher to others. Amber completed her first Aerial YTT program in 2015 and her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016.


Amber is now an E-RYT 200, RYT-500 and YACEP through Yoga Alliance. In addition, she has continued to deepen her knowledge as a teacher and was able to hone in on her passion for both aerial yoga and restorative yoga after furthering her education through a variety of continuing education trainings. She holds additional certifications in Aerial Restorative Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Flexibility in Yoga, Sequencing and Mobility. 


Amber is known for her calming practice, ability to take the time to connect with her students, and is able to understand each person’s individual needs by providing the best experience based on the individual. She has a keen attention to ensuring each student feels comfortable, confident, and supported in their practice and always helps each individual feel welcome. She has led over 2300 hours of classes, workshops, teacher trainings and private lessons and serves as a mentor to her peers. 

Tracy, Founder of Better Fit Therapy

Unwind & Unknot, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix Arizona, Aerial Yoga

Tracy received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University 19 years ago and has been a clinical instructor for physical therapy and a physical therapy assistant student for the past 17 years. Her primary specialty is in outpatient orthopedics, which includes everything from repetitive stress injuries to post-surgical to preventative care, etc., but Tracy also has training in vestibular and balance issues. Tracy am able to perform dry needling and have a strong manual therapy background.

Tracy is a perpetual student and loves learning about movement systems with some background in Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA). This is why she loves taking classes from various places and instructors because she can always find something new and of value for her patients.

People are her puzzles. Even two individuals with the same injury will present differently and should be treated as just that, “an individual”. What got each person to that particular moment is its own story to be unraveled, and Tracy loves to tailor treatments personally to help everyone reach their goals.

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