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Unlock Your Potential: Embrace, Release, Renew

Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility? Join us for an empowering journey of self-discovery and transformation in our "Embrace, Release, Renew" workshop and meditation event.

Mindset Workshop, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Breaking Down Barriers

In this interactive workshop, we'll delve into the intricate dynamics between our big-picture goals and the intricate details that often hold us back. Led by Stephanie Ellsworth, founder of Her Slice of the Cake, and Amber Lopez, co-founder of Elevate Yoga & Wellness, we'll explore various mindsets that can hinder our progress and gain valuable insights into how to reclaim control over our lives.

Empowerment Through Understanding

Understanding mental roadblocks is key to overcoming them. Through practical strategies and exercises, we'll learn how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, discovering the power of reframing our mindset and cultivating a positive, growth-oriented outlook.

Guided Meditation for Renewal

After the workshop, we'll transition into a guided sound meditation session designed to help you let go of negativity, stress, and self-doubt. Guided by soothing sounds and gentle music, you'll immerse yourself in a tranquil space of inner peace and renewal, allowing you to release old patterns and embrace a fresh perspective on your journey forward.

Event Details

🗓️ Date: Sat, May 4

⏰ Time: 3pm

📍 Location: Elevate Yoga & Wellness

🎫 Ticket Price: $15 non-member / $10 member

Ticket Includes

✨ Mimosa & Mochi Donuts

✨ Mindset workshop with Her Slice of the Cake

✨ Guided Sound Meditation with Elevate Yoga

Reserve Your Spot Today

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Reserve your spot today and take the first step toward embracing your fullest potential!


Meet Your Facilitators

Mindset Workshop, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Stephanie Ellsworth

Founder of Her Slice of the Cake

Since 2009, Stephanie has dedicated her career to helping people navigate the complexities of financial planning and educating her clients on the best options to help them reach their goals. Over her years of meeting with women, Stephanie realized that there was an imbalance of financial knowledge among the genders, and she identified a real need for an outreach to women about financial education. She wanted to create a program that would impact women in a way that they could feel financially empowered in safe and supportive environment. She also wanted to give women access to incredible planning resources through the collaboration of like-minded women, while ensuring this program was accessible to all women. This is why she created Her Slice of the Cake.

Mindset Workshop, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Amber Lopez

Co-Founder of Elevate Yoga & Wellness

Amber has practiced and studied yoga since 2005. After developing a personal practice over the course of 10+ years, Amber's practice truly began to develop after moving to Arizona in 2008. After years of deepening her own practice, she decided to take her passion into the classroom and began the journey of becoming a teacher to others. Amber completed her first Aerial YTT program in 2015 and her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016. Brandi and Amber's mutual passion for not just the practice of yoga, but for finding a way to create opportunities where people can truly show up just as they are, and be themselves, runs just as deep today as it did day one. We are not just a yoga studio, we are a true community.

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