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The Power of Yoga in the CommUNITY

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

CommUNITY is something that has a different meaning to us. From before we ever decided to open a yoga studio we made the conscious decision to create a commUNITY first before a yoga studio. That is something we've weaved into the fiber of our foundation since the very beginning and something we have seen cultivated and grown over the years.

Creating Connections

Although yoga is very much a personal practice, and something each of us have our own individual journey we are on, we are all following the same path. There is so much power present when practicing in a group setting and the energy is just different when we are all moving and breathing in synchrony.

When we share the practice of yoga with one another—with likeminded people—it's not only uplifting but it also fosters a sense of connection through commUNITY in a different way. With as much as screens have dominated our lives these days, cultivating this true human connection has never been more important.



Wellbeing Impacts

Research has actually shown that this type of social support increases survival and longevity by 50% and found that the risk of mortality from loneliness is in the same category as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. This shows that getting involved in a commUNITY is just as good for our wellbeing as doing yoga itself is.

And just like yoga, commUNITY is about connection. The word yoga actually means to "yoke" or "unite". So just imagine how amplified this power becomes when you add the two together. Whether you seek commUNITY activities and spaces during difficult times, lonely times, or for other reasons when you surrender yourself to that energy you are creating a sense of safety, trust, comfort, peace of mind, healing, and so much more.



United As One

Coming together for a shared experience and being a part of a commUNITY of other humans that you know are working on a common goal, have similar aspirations, and often share perspectives on life is just plain good for the soul.

It can not only be motivating but can help us learn from and influence one another. When everyone around you is putting their energy into being present in the moment, they are committing to helping the commUNITY and we are fostering growth and connection towards something that is bigger than any one single individual.

Impacting Local Businesses

As a small, locally owned business here in Arizona, ensuring that we expanded our commitment to our local commUNITY was a priority. There are many reasons whey this is important.

First, there's the economic impact. When you buy, shop, eat and support our local businesses you keep our local commUNITY unique, thriving and you keep your money where your home is. In fact, for every $100 spent, $43 remains in Arizona (compared to just $13 for every non-locally owned business).

And, when we spend time enriching our local business commUNITY through creating genuine connections, co-existing, supporting one another, bringing likeminded humans together and operating in synchrony of a common goal, the energy helps small businesses not only survive, but thrive.



Get Involved

We've been out and about in our local business commUNITY since day one—dating all the way back to our early years at The MonOrchid. Since then we've been able to bring yoga into a number of different spaces in varying capacities. The biggest impacts come from two core partnerships—The Churchill and Rott n' Grapes—both of which have grown into monthly programming for our local Phoenix commUNITY.

Bottoms Up Brunch—Rott n' Grapes

Every 2nd Sunday of the month we get our Bottoms Up at Rott n' Grapes, located in Uptown Phoenix. Class is all levels and often includes a healing sound bath at the end. All humans, ability levels and dogs are welcome. Registration includes a glass of bubbly and discounts on brunch.

Movement in the Courtyard—The Churchill

Every 4th Saturday of the month we move and flow together for Movement in the Courtyard at The Churchill, located in Downtown Phoenix. This weekly class rotates between other local studios in the area, bringing a variety of class styles to the commUNITY. All humans, ability levels and dogs are welcome. Registration includes discounts on brunch at all restaurants after class.


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