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Sound Practitioner & Aerial Yoga Sub

Ashley, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Aerial Yoga Teacher

After completing her 8-week, 50-hour apprenticeship she was asked to start teaching classes at Elevate. She continued her training by completing a 25-hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative YTT with Eleanor Bramwell, founder of BodyWise Foundation and furthering her Aerial Yoga practice by completing a 25-hour Aerial YTT with Holly Dison, owner of Three Queens Circus.


Outside of yoga, Ashley is an adrenaline junkie and nature lover. You will catch her rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing, and traveling the world when she's not teaching. Volunteering at Native American Connections, Ashley also works with people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. She has a deep passion for holistic healing and is thrilled to share the benefits of yoga and healing - connecting the mind, body and soul.

Ashley started her yoga career in 2016, after submerging herself in hot yoga. Also known as warrior yoga, Ashley was forced to bring her focus inward. She started to notice she was holding her breath and forgetting to breathe, both on and off the mat. This realization inspired her to dive deeper into her personal practice.


In 2017, Ashley completed her 200-hour YTT with Sumits Hot Yoga in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sumit Bangeree mentored Ashley on Vinyasa Flow and various breathwork techniques that she has integrated into her yoga classes.


In 2019, Ashley expanded her practice to Aerial Yoga at Elevate Yoga and Wellness in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Ashley immediately fell in love with the studio, the commUNITY and the silk. She knew she had found her home and started training to teach Aerial Yoga.

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