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The ELDOA Method

Welcome to day 4 of our #ElevatedSocialDistancing challenge. Today, Liz talks to us about The ELDOA Method. So... what exactly is The ELDOA Method? Simply put…it’s all about the spine. It’s a series of active postures (shapes) that target specific joints and work to decompress, relieve pain, and restore function and balance.

Get Started

For today’s exercise, you’ll focus on the lumbar spine (L5 to S1) with an active version of your traditional legs up the wall. You’ll spend 1 minute in this posture, actively and not passively! Be sure to check out your day 4 host, Liz, walking us through the specifics on the "how" below:

So, what's next?

Get those legs up the wall! But, remember... this isn't your traditional legs up the wall. Be sure you review Liz's video on how to get into this shape using The ELDOA Method. Once you're there, spend 1 minute there and let us know how it goes!

How do I join the challenge?

It's simple and free to join the 10-day challenge. Simply head over to our Instagram to get started. Be sure to follow each of our hosts and sponsors and then participate daily by posting your variation of the daily 'thang, tagging all hosts and sponsors and using our #ElevatedSocialDistancing tag so we can find you. At the end, there are some prizes you could win! Who doesn't love some fun prizes? And, you'll find motivation, inspiration, and maybe bring some new, healthy routines into your day.

Questions? text us (602) 456-2762 or email us

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