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Buy + Fly: Shop Local, Get Cool Prizes

Being a part of the #dtphx commUNITY is a huge part of who we are! Why? For those of you that haven't heard our story, let's start with a short history lesson.

Did you know? We actually started our journey, pre-Elevate days, down in the warehouse district. Teaching a few pop-up donation based classes here and there, mainly to fuel our own addiction to aerial yoga, we've now called downtown Phoenix "home" for more than 7 years!

Fast forward... When we formally established Elevate inside of The MonOrchid building, hosting just 2 donation based classes each week, we were invited into #dtphx family of local businesses with warm, welcoming arms. It is here where our love for this commUNITY started! And we got to be surrounded by the amazing artwork of Peter Deise and Randy Slack!

Today... we have expanded our presence into the #dtphx commUNITY through not only our brick and mortar studio on #roro, but by also getting involved with a variety of local events! Pre-pandemic you could see us popped up at local festivals such as Local First's Fall Fest and, most recently, we helped found Movement in the Courtyard at The Churchill's weekly Sidewalk Saturdays artisan street fair.

This commUNITY is our home and means the world to us and so do all of our fellow small business owners. While this is the very abbreviated version of how our roots started, and why supporting local is so important to us, it's been a huge part of who we are and what drives us.

At the onset of the pandemic, Downtown Phoenix Inc. launched a signature economic recovery program, Buy + Fly, to incentive local spending, support small businesses, and celebrate the art, culture, history and people that make downtown a vibrant neighborhood. We knew immediately that we wanted to be a part of this amazing, local program!

The way it works is simple: shop at any Downtown Phoenix participating business (that includes us and yes every purchase counts) and get free #dtphx themed prizes!

To learn more and submit your receipts from your purchases with us, click here. So what are you waiting for? Come fly with us and get some fun #dtphx swag!


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