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Elevate Yoga & Wellness Gets a Refresh: Here's What's New!

In case you haven't swung by the studio lately, we've got some exciting updates to share with you! In mid-March, we rolled up our sleeves and dove into a little renovation project, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

And if you're wondering WHO did the renovations, yes WE rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty! Those of you that have been with us for some time now know that we love a good challenge and not much can stop making this space amazing for our commUNITY. Recognizing that our Air studio room was too small and we needed more space to groove and move, we said... let's do this!

Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Aerial Yoga Studio | Phoenix, Arizona

While change can take some getting used to, know that we're here to answer any questions you may have as we all adjust to our fantastic new space together. This article is designed to help share what amazing updates have been made along with help familiarize yourself with new studio operations.

This transformation didn't happen overnight and we couldn't have done it alone – From demolishing three walls, relocating the door, drywalling, mudding, sanding, painting, installing new flooring, rewiring the electrical, reinforcing beams, rigging more hammocks and SO much more, what went down in our Air studio room over just five days is something we couldn't have accomplished with the unwavering commitment and assistance of Brigid and her husband, Mike.


Check Out What's New and Improved

Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Aerial Yoga Studio | Phoenix, Arizona

Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Aerial Yoga Studio | Phoenix, Arizona

Goodbye Lobby, Hello Second Classroom: Say farewell to our old lobby space and hello to something even better – a second, larger classroom for classes! With the merger of our former lobby and our smaller classroom, we're better able to maximize space for your practice.

Our refreshed, and much larger Air classroom features space for 12 Aerial Yoga students and 5 Aerial Silks. It's also a whopping 850 square feet, now our larger studio room - perfect for events, rentals, and so much more!

Two Studio Classrooms, Two Entrances: Each of our studio classrooms now has its own independent entrance, making it easier than ever to find your way to your class. Both classrooms will have access to a shared hallway where the water filling station and bathrooms can be accessed.

  • EARTH - Our Earth studio room is located along 3rd Avenue and when you are booked in this classroom you'll enter directly into this room. Our lovey Aesthetician, Linda with Mood Studio, will also be sharing this entrance.

  • AIR - Our Air studio room is located along the back side of the building, directly across from the parking garage.

How to Prepare For Class

Know Your Classroom in Advance: It's essential to know which classroom you're booked in before you arrive for class. You can find this information conveniently in our mobile app (Momence) and your class confirmation emails. We strongly suggest accessing your booking via Momence prior to arrival to ensure you know which classroom you need to arrive at once getting to the studio.

  • Direct Entry: When you arrive to the studio, you will enter directly into the classroom you are booked in. Earth faces 3rd Ave, while Air is located along the backside of the building. If you are ever unsure of which classroom you are booked in, send the studio a text message ahead of time and ask.

  • Timely Entry: Doors to your classroom will be unlocked 15 minutes before the start of class and locked promptly when class begins. Punctuality is key! If the doors are locked upon your arrival it could be one of two things: 1) you are at the wrong classroom door or 2) class has already begun and it's past class start time. As always, send us a text message to check in.

  • Late Entry Policy: We understand that life happens, but late entries may not always be permitted to ensure minimal disruption to those already in class. If you're running behind, shoot us a text to see if late entry can be arranged. The doors will be locked when class begins to minimize disruptions and for the safety of the students.

  • Respectful Entry: Please refrain from knocking on doors or windows, as it could disrupt ongoing classes. Let's keep the serenity flowing! If you arrive and the doors are locked, send us a text message so we can either assist you in an exception for late entry or help get you rescheduled.

Entrances for Our Partners

Tracy, our in house Physical Therapist, with Better Fit Therapy now has her own entrance next to Pita Jungle's patio, while Linda, our in house Aesthetician, with Mood Studio AZ will be sharing our Earth / 3rd Ave entrance. Both of these partners, along with clients visiting their treatment rooms for services will have access to the shared hallways. You might see them, and their clients, moving throughout the space from time to time.


As we all spend the coming weeks adapting to these amazing changes, we thank you all for your patience, understanding, and continued support. This change will only elevate our studio to new heights and create new opportunities for our commUNITY. Here's to many more moments of growth, connection, and wellness together!

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