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Aerial Yoga Teacher

Brigid dabbled with mat yoga in college but found it hard to connect with the classes / teachers and was often left uninspired.  Her practice was minimal to non-existent after leaving school.  After working as a flight attendant for over 10 years, she could feel the wear and tear on both her mind and body, especially after receiving a spinal fusion due to a burst fracture in her vertebrae.

Searching for something unique, challenging and mentally stimulating, Brigid found her way to Elevate Yoga and took for her first aerial yoga class in Spring of 2019. From the moment she bounded up into the silk, she knew she was in the right place. The combination of traditional yoga elements, combined with the unique and playful aspects of the silk, made the practice both fun and satisfying. Brigid hit 500 classes as a student just before starting her teaching journey and can't wait to attend another 500 as a teacher.


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Brigid is an RYT200, completing her training in 2023, and following it up few months later with her 50-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, 30-hour Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, and a 50-hour Apprenticeship at Elevate Yoga.  She credits her love of yoga and aerial yoga to the amazing community at Elevate, especially to the owners Amber and Brandi. When she is not in the hammock, Brigid can be found enjoying wine, making candles, and watching Jeopardy.

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