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Monday Motivation

Whether you love grabbing your journal and pouring out your innermost thoughts or you loathe the thought of it, here are some prompts to help you feel more connected to yourself and those around you.

When you sit down to start writing you might find that you're handed a blank page and you can pour your For some, you give them a blank page innermost thoughts and dreams out freely and easily. And sometimes, you might find that your beautifully bound journals collect dust, eventually joining the journal graveyard in the far reaches of the basement.

No matter what side of that you fall on, here are some prompts that can get your creative juices flowing!

Looking Inward

These prompts give you a chance to reflect on your younger self, the values you have developed as you have grown wiser over the years, and the person you aspire to be.

  • List the friends, family, coworkers, mentors, and others who come to mind when you hear the word community.

  • List the ways your life is different now from how it was one year ago.

  • List the ways you would describe yourself to someone who wants to get to know you at your core. What unique qualities make up your personality?

Feel Connected

These prompts inspire you to reflect on your favorite moments with the ones you love, the things that have brought you together, and the things you value and treasure in your current relationships.

  • List the places where your most significant relationships grew.

  • Choose someone close to you and list the book, movie, and TV show characters that remind you of them.

  • List the songs that remind you of a loved one.

  • List the ways that you feel similar to someone close to you.

Feel More Oneness

These prompts may inspire you to look for ways to reach out to others to spark new opportunities to learn, laugh, go deeper, and feel more connected to those you love. Feel free to choose just one significant person to focus on while writing your lists to strengthen your one-on-one relationship, or explore connections with a few different people in your community—from family to friends to a romantic partner, mixing it up with each list.

  • List what your dream vacation with one or a few of your best friends would look like.

  • Choose someone close to you, get together, and list the skill sets you would each bring as individuals to surviving an apocalypse.

  • List the most memorable meals you have had with a loved one or members of your community.

  • List the things you would put in a time capsule for your favorite person to open in 20 years.

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