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Elevate Your 2024: A Journey of Intention, Connection, and Goal-Setting

Set the stage for an extraordinary 2024! Join the co-founders of Elevate for a morning of intentional movement, creativity, connection, and goal setting. As January unfolds, it's the perfect time to reflect, dream, and imagine the possibilities that lie ahead.

Elevate Yoga Vision Board Workshop | Phoenix Arizona

Unlocking the Power of Goal Setting: During this event we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery through intentional goal setting. Setting goals provides a roadmap for your aspirations, helping you navigate the path to your desired future. It's an opportunity to crystallize your dreams into actionable steps, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

The Significance of Vision Boards: This workshop combines the power of gentle yoga, guided meditation, and vision board creation to amplify your goal-setting experience. Vision boards serve as powerful visual tools, allowing you to connect with your deepest desires, emotions, and aspirations. By curating images from magazines and incorporating personal materials, you'll craft a visual representation of the life you envision.

Elevate Yoga Vision Board Workshop | Phoenix Arizona

The Workshop Experience:

  • Gentle Yoga Practice: Ignite your inner creativity through a gentle yoga session designed to spark inspiration and mindfulness.

  • Guided Meditation: Set your mind and intentions with a guided meditation that will create a calm and focused space for your goal-setting journey.

  • Vision Board Workshop: Immerse yourself in the creative process using provided materials such as scissors, glue, markers, and magazines. Feel free to bring personal materials to enhance your vision board.

Inclusivity for All: This workshop experience if for everyONE and everyBODY. No prior yoga, meditation, or vision board experience is needed. This event welcomes individuals of all ability levels and backgrounds. It's an inclusive space where everyone can come together to explore and create.

Elevate Yoga Vision Board Workshop | Phoenix Arizona

Elevate your 2024 by investing in yourself. This workshop promises not only a morning of self-discovery and creativity but also a powerful foundation for the year ahead. Join us in shaping a year that reflects your aspirations, passions, and the life you truly desire. Reserve your spot now and step into your best year yet!

Ticket Pricing:

Non-Member: $50 (2 for $80*)

Member: $40 (2 for $70*)

*To avail of the discount on the second ticket, use code BOGO-VISION during checkout.

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