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Welcome to day 9 of our #ElevatedSocialDistancing challenge. Today, Liz talks to us about mobility and deepens our understanding of what “being mobile” actually is all about. Simply put, mobility isn't something we do for the sake of "getting more mobile" and instead, it is something we should all be doing in order to maximize our potential and reduce our risk of injury!

So what exactly is the difference between mobility and flexibility? Yes, the two are very different, but both equally important to one another!

What is mobility? The strength in the range of motion of the muscle where you are able to control the range of motion and you don’t need assistance (think active). TRY IT: Lay flat on your back and actively engage your muscles (core, back, hips, legs, engage it all!) to lift your leg, bringing it as close to your upper body as you can. This is a way to determine mobility.

What is flexibility? The ability to go deeper into a stretch with the use of an external force (think passive). TRY IT: Lay flat on your back and using your hands to draw the leg towards your upper body. This is how to determine how flexible you are.

How do the two work together? After going through this test, you might notice you're able to bring your leg closer to your upper body with the assistance of your hands. This is normal for most people, but the two might be the same (and that's ok). The difference between where you're able to bring your leg to without the assistance of your hands (active stretch / mobility) and where you're able to bring your leg with the use of your hands (passive stretch / flexibility) is how you can measure the "gap" between your flexibility and your mobility. You want that "gap" to be as small as possible to reduce your risk of injury. This is where incorporating mobility drills into your practice can help!

Get Started

Today, Liz reviews in detail the differences between flexibility and mobility and will show you how perform the above mentioned test and she'll walk you through a drill to gain mobility in the hips. After you watch the video, you'll perform this drill on each side. To add in a bit of a challenge, add a block to the lower back and attempt to complete the drill without the block falling off.

How do I join the challenge?

It's simple and free to join the 10-day challenge. Simply head over to our Instagram to get started. Be sure to follow each of our hosts and sponsors and then participate daily by posting your variation of the daily 'thang, tagging all hosts and sponsors and using our #ElevatedSocialDistancing tag so we can find you. At the end, there are some prizes you could win! Who doesn't love some fun prizes? And, you'll find motivation, inspiration, and maybe bring some new, healthy routines into your day.

Questions? text us (602) 456-2762 or email us

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