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First Friday Glow with the Flow: On the Same Page as Paige

Come get your glow on and join us for a fun packed First Friday and celebrate Paige's birthday!

On Friday, July 7th we're kicking off the month with a fun theme celebrating Paige! It's Paige's birthday month and we're inviting everyone to get on the same page as Paige - dress like Paige, act like Paige, and be like Paige! Glow and flow with a fun glow in the dark aerial yoga class, all Paige style. The perfect way to kickstart your First Friday before heading up the street to enjoy all that Roosevelt Row has to offer.

First Friday at Elevate Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona


The studio will be open from 4:30pm - 6:15pm where you are invited to arrive early and socialize with the commUNITY. We know parking can be hectic, so arrive early, come on in and hang out. Tracy of Better Fit Therapy will be offering trigger point therapy and we'll have a playlist with Paige's favorite playing while you wait for class to start! There are two classes you can choose from:

  • Early Class - 5:00pm (check in by 4:50pm)

  • Late Class - 6:15pm (check in by 6:05pm)

How do I sign up for class?

First things first, decide if you want to attend the early class or the late class. Both classes are open to all levels but we ask you only sign up for one class. First Fridays are super popular classes so by only registering for the one you want to attend will ensure there is space for everyone! And, if you're a member, class is included in your membership!

What should I expect in class?

Classes are all levels friendly and include a mix of continuous movement with short periods of higher intensity and others with slower relaxing asanas. You might even get to dance! The entire class will feature black lights, glow in the dark and disco lights. Class ends with a relaxing savasana, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What do I wear?

Attendees this month are encouraged to wear their brightest gear and glow in the dark accessories to this high-energy, uptempo glow in the dark aerial yoga class. With our "same page as Paige" theme, get your best yoga gear, crops tops, and sass ready! Get to know Paige's personality here.

So what are you waiting for? Come get your glow on and join us for a fun-packed First Friday on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix as we kick off July's first Friday.

First Friday at Elevate Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona

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