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Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience

Are you seeking to reconnect with your inner spark and kindle the flames of inspiration within you? Look no further than the Ignite & Inspire event, a fusion of partner aerial yoga and candle crafting designed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Hosted by Brigid, this transformative experience promises to ignite your inner fire and leave you feeling inspired both on and off the mat.

What to Expect

Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience, Elevate Yoga, Phoenix Arizona

Welcome Circle

Upon arrival, participants are greeted with the refreshing aroma of rosemary and lemon-infused water, setting the tone for an afternoon of rejuvenation and creativity.

The event kicks off with a welcome circle, where gentle movements synchronize with breath, fostering connections among participants. A sense of camaraderie begins to blossom as everyone will be invited to share fun facts about themselves.

Partner Aerial Yoga

Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience, Elevate Yoga, Phoenix Arizona

After we arrive and get to know one another, we'll dive into the heart of the event with a partner aerial yoga class, a dynamic and playful exploration of movement that challenges both body and mind.

As participants flow through sequences together, they deepen their connections with each other and themselves, tapping into their inner strength and resilience. Whether you register with a friend or come solo, we'll partner up and build new connections as a community.

Meditate, Reflect & Create Intent

Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience, Elevate Yoga, Phoenix Arizona

Following the partner class, a moment of stillness is embraced during savasana, allowing participants to absorb the benefits of their practice and prepare for the next phase of the journey. Reflection prompts guide attendees to explore their aspirations and intentions, culminating in the selection of a word or phrase to inscribe onto their candle wick—a tangible reminder of the inspiration they seek to cultivate.

Candle Making

Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience, Elevate Yoga, Phoenix Arizona

The creative energy continues to flow as participants engage in candle making, infusing their custom creations with their chosen essence and crystals. As each candle takes shape, intentions and inspirations are sealed within, ready to illuminate the path forward.

A brief break provides an opportunity for attendees to select crystals and glitter to adorn their candles, fostering a sense of personalization and creativity. Group sharing sessions encourage participants to exchange insights and reflections, further enriching the collective experience.

Closing Circle

The event draws to a close with a heartfelt closing circle, where breath and gratitude intertwine, and connections are strengthened once more. Participants depart with renewed energy, personalized candles in hand, and the tools to ignite their inspiration beyond the studio walls.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, Ignite & Inspire offers a unique opportunity to nourish your soul, deepen your connections, and unleash your creative potential. Don't miss out on this empowering journey of self-discovery and transformation. Reserve your spot today and embark on a path to illumination and inspiration.

Event Details

Join us as we ignite the flames of inspiration and illuminate the path to self-discovery.

Ignite & Inspire: Partner Aerial Yoga and Candle Crafting Experience, Elevate Yoga, Phoenix Arizona

Date/Time: Saturday, March 30 @ 1:30pm

Location: Elevate Yoga & Wellness, 1001 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix


$69 non-member ($129 for 2)

$59 member ($109 for 2)


Meet Ignite & Inspire Facilitator

Brigid, Aerial Yoga Teacher, Elevate Yoga & Wellness

Brigid dabbled with mat yoga in college but found it hard to connect with the classes / teachers and was often left uninspired.  Her practice was minimal to non-existent after leaving school.  After working as a flight attendant for over 10 years, she could feel the wear and tear on both her mind and body, especially after receiving a spinal fusion due to a burst fracture in her vertebrae. 

Searching for something unique, challenging and mentally stimulating, Brigid found her way to Elevate Yoga and took for her first aerial yoga class in Spring of 2019. From the moment she bounded up into the silk, she knew she was in the right place. The combination of traditional yoga elements, combined with the unique and playful aspects of the silk, made the practice both fun and satisfying.

Brigid is a native Phoenician with a passion for wine and beautiful things. Working in the local wine industry, she started to realize just how many gorgeous bottles were being tossed. So, she decided to recycle them into beautiful and unique creations, and Cactus+Vine was born.

Combining her passion for aerial yoga and up-cycling wine bottles into candles is something she looks to bring to Elevate regularly to ignite your inner fire and inspiration!

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