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Flight School: Ready To Take Flight?

So you've been developing your aerial yoga practice for quite some time. You first started and weren't entirely sure what you were signing up for, but it wasn't long before you were in love. You actually look forward to going to class, have so much fun in class, you've made a ton of new friends (your chosen family) and are obsessed with learning new things (not to mention the changes your mind and body has gone through since you started). #amiright

Or maybe you're already a certified yoga teacher and you've been looking for your niche. You've been popping in and out of studios, taking different continuing ed classes, and you just aren't finding that one 'thing' that speaks to you, your style, or your energy.

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar? It's not a secret that a variety of versions of yoga have been created over the years with one of the more recent is aerial yoga. Aerial yoga, first originated in 1991 by Christopher Harrison, is a fusion of your traditional yoga class using the support of a hammock as a prop. Depending on the class style, you might even experience movement similar to a Pilates class or TRX.

And simply put, in an aerial yoga class, there's something euphoric about the experience! It doesn't feel like work, you're often having fun, and before you know it you've just done an hour long class. It's because in an aerial yoga class, it is very much rooted in your traditional yoga practice, but with a fun new prop! Think of when you add in other props to your practice, such as blocks, blankets, yoga wheels, bolsters, etc. Simply put, aerial yoga is simply yoga shapes and sequencing performed while using the support of the hammock as your prop, sometimes while suspended midair!

Love aerial yoga? Why not teach?

"If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life."

Have you heard this before? There’s something about doing the thing you are really passionate about. It makes you wake up in the morning excited and it gets you fired you up. It gives you something to look forward to in your day. And for most aerial yogis and yoginis out there, the feeling is mutual. If you love aerial yoga so much that you notice it's all you talk about, you can't wait to get to class, and you look forward to it every day, why not consider teaching it?

Become an Aerial Yoga Expert

There are tons of benefits of aerial yoga and as a teacher you get to become an expert in the practice. Without a doubt, being an aerial yogi or yogini makes you feel good, but helping others feel good about their bodies brings an entirely different level of fulfillment. Understanding the impacts of an aerial yoga practice on the physical body and emotional well being will make you the best student of all! Yes, to be a great teacher you must always be willing to learn. Part of being a teacher is a never ending learning process which makes you an expert.

Support Others In Their Journey

Trying something new can be scary, specially for beginners in aerial yoga. Remember back to the first time you tried an aerial yoga class, or maybe the first time you tried a new sequence or shape. The physical and mental demands of suspending yourself in a hammock can be overwhelming to so many people. As a teacher, you help people overcome fear, trust themselves and gain confidence. Being that someone to help cheer on new students in their wellness journey will leave a lasting impact in their journey and leave you with a full heart.

Learn more about how you can get started here.

Photo Credit: NVS Photography


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