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Transform Your Aerial Yoga Practice

If you're passionate about yoga and looking to deepen your practice, attending a yoga teacher training program can be a transformative experience. Here at Elevate Yoga, we offer aerial yoga teacher training programs that provide numerous benefits for students. Here we will explore the advantages of attending yoga teacher training as a student.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Phoenix, Arizona

Meet Like-Minded People

One of the most rewarding aspects of yoga teacher training is the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your love for yoga. During yoga teacher training, you will engage in practice teaching and group discussions, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth. These interactions not only help you develop your communication skills but also create lifelong friendships. Connecting with people who are passionate about yoga can lead to further opportunities for personal and spiritual development.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Phoenix, Arizona

Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Yoga teacher training takes your personal yoga practice to a whole new level. Through experienced instructors and intensive practice sessions, you will learn advanced techniques, gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, and improve your overall physical and mental well-being.

The training will challenge you to master poses you may have never thought possible, allowing you to unlock your true potential. Even if you don't intend to become a yoga teacher, attending teacher training can significantly enhance your yoga practice and take it to new heights.

"I wanted to take the program for over a year and when I got selected for the scholarship I knew it was my time. I love coming here, it's my second home, and I was so excited to deepen my practice. I learned to listen to my body and learned confidence in myself and my abilities. I don't think I could choose just one thing I loved about the program - it was all my favorite! I learned the only way I can keep growing is to continue to practice and listen to myself. This training is everybody, anyone that wants to learn more." - Ashley, February 2023 BIPOC Scholarship Recipient

Develop Your Connection to Your Inner Self

Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is a spiritual and holistic practice. Attending yoga teacher training enables you to delve into the spiritual aspects of yoga and connect with your inner self. Through meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and self-reflection, you will deepen your spiritual awareness and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This heightened spirituality can positively influence all areas of your life, fostering a greater sense of balance, clarity, and overall well-being.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Phoenix, Arizona

Gain Confidence and Self-Expression

One of the unexpected benefits of yoga teacher training is the boost in confidence and self-expression it provides. Overcoming the fear of speaking in front of others, sharing your insights, and teaching yoga to your peers helps you find your voice and develop valuable communication skills.

These skills are transferable to various aspects of life, both personally and professionally. Yoga teacher training empowers you to express yourself authentically, fostering self-assurance and personal growth.

"There is such grace and positive energy inside of me that I felt instantly connected to here at Elevate and you have helped bring that true warrior out inside of me. I have felt seen and acknowledged when I was having a challenge. I had truly connected with ya'll and it was exactly what I needed and gave me permission to come out of my shell. To be the authentic me and show up how I am. This is for all bodies and I'm so grateful I'm here." -Queen, February 2023 Graduate

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Phoenix, Arizona

Attending yoga teacher training as a student at Elevate Yoga offers numerous benefits. From building a supportive community to deepening your yoga practice and developing spirituality, the experience of yoga teacher training can be life-changing.

It provides an opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually while enhancing your confidence and self-expression.

Whether you aspire to become a yoga teacher or simply wish to deepen your personal practice, attending yoga teacher training is a valuable investment in your well-being and personal development.

Upcoming Trainings

We offer two aerial yoga teacher training programs, both amazing options for students to attend:

50-hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: A comprehensive training program that focuses on the foundations of an aerial yoga practice. What to expect:

✓ Aerial Yoga Philosophy

✓ Benefits and terminology

✓ Translating a mat practice to the hammock

✓ Anatomy and the impacts on the body

✓ Learn over 65+ Aerial Yoga asanas with comprehensive breakdown

✓ Practice hands-on application of the practice

✓ Safely teaching and assisting students

✓ How to effectively demonstrate and use verbal cueing

✓ Identifying common misalignments

✓ How to structure an effective class and sequencing

30-hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: An intensive training program with focus on restorative yoga and using a variety of props, including an aerial hammock, as a prop. What to expect:

✓ Restorative yoga fundamentals and benefits

✓ Anatomy and the nervous system

✓ Breath work and meditation techniques

✓ Providing effective hands on assistance and offering modifications

✓ Effectively using blankets, bolsters, blocks and aerial hammock as props

✓ Comprehensive break down and facilitation of restorative yoga shapes

✓ Principles and alignment in a restorative practice

✓ Sequencing, theming and trauma sensitive language

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