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Unlock the Secrets of Tarot: Elevate Presents Tarot Card Reader Training

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the mystical world of Tarot? We are excited to announce Julie will be hosting a 2nd Tarot Card Reader Training this year!

This training program is a 4-week immersive experience designed to help you develop a personal relationship with Tarot and unlock its myriad benefits. Whether you're a novice seeking to explore the art of divination or a seasoned practitioner looking to enhance your skills, this training is for you.

Tarot has been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual growth, healing, and guidance. It offers a unique way to tap into your intuition and gain deeper insights into yourself and the world around you. Through this training, you will acquire the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to connect with Tarot's wisdom and become a confident and intuitive reader.

Julie, Tarot Card Reader, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

What to Expect in Tarot Card Reader Training

Over the course of four weeks, you will build a regular Tarot practice grounded in self-care. By dedicating time to your personal growth and exploration, you will begin to develop your own intuitive approach to the cards. The training will help you frame and understand the events unfolding in your life, allowing you to gain a fresh perspective and navigate challenges with newfound wisdom.

One of the key aspects of Tarot is its ability to tell stories and convey narratives. Through this training, you will learn how to read and interpret these stories, unraveling the symbols and meanings hidden within each card. Delve into the rich symbolism of Tarot and discover how it speaks to you personally, unveiling insights that resonate deeply.

By the end of the training, you will grow in confidence as a reader, equipped with the skills to provide empowering and insightful readings for yourself and others. Your intuition will be honed, and you will learn to trust your inner wisdom as you connect with the cards on a profound level. Step into your power as a Tarot reader and unleash your full potential.

Julie, Tarot Card Reader, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Enrollment Benefits

When you enroll in our Tarot Card Reader Training, you will receive a comprehensive package to support your learning journey. This includes:

  1. 4-week in-person training: Immerse yourself in a supportive and interactive learning environment, guided by experienced facilitators who are passionate about Tarot.

  2. Tarot journal: Record your insights, reflections, and interpretations as you explore the cards and deepen your understanding of Tarot's wisdom.

  3. Beginner's Tarot card set: Start your journey with a specially curated set of Tarot cards, providing you with the essential tools to begin your practice.

  4. Gift bag from your facilitator: Enjoy a thoughtful assortment of surprises selected by our facilitator to enhance your Tarot experience.

Julie, Tarot Card Reader, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Embrace the Intuitive Art of Tarot

Tarot is an intuitive art that welcomes all, regardless of prior experience or background. Approach this training with an open mind and be prepared to be amazed by how quickly you can grasp this skill.

Each week, you will engage in practice readings within the class, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge into action. Additionally, suggested homework and a selection of online and book resources will be provided to support your learning journey outside of the classroom.

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your connection with Tarot and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Join us for Elevate Yoga's Tarot Card Reader Training and unlock the secrets of the cards, while simultaneously unlocking your own potential. Trust your intuition, become a kick-ass reader, and witness the transformative power of Tarot.

Enrollment for the Tarot Card Reader Training is now open. Secure your spot today and embark on this incredible journey.


Julie, Tarot Card Reader, Elevate Yoga & Wellness, Phoenix, Arizona

Get to Know Your Trainer

Julie is a seasoned yoga teacher and Tarot card reader with extensive training and experience in a variety of yoga modalities. With her intuitive and empathetic nature, Julie has helped countless people gain clarity and insight into their lives. Her Tarot Card readings are highly sought after for their accuracy and guidance.


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