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Tarot Tuesday

New to Tarot and want to learn more? We recently kicked off our Tarot Tuesday series as a tool that you can use to powerfully align you with your higher self. Tarot cards allow you to connect deeply with and access your intuition.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination tool that anyone can learn. Divination is defined as the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. I personally find that Tarot is the best tool for me to tap into what my subconscious already knows.

How does Tarot help?

I approach Tarot with a healing perspective. What is it that my client is trying to learn and how can I help them with their questions? My Tarot readings are part divination, part coaching session and 100% fun! I work with each client to help them formulate the question(s) they have and ensure that the answers we receive are clear.

What to Expect...

Expect to receive answers to your questions, yet also be aware that working with any form of divination, including Tarot, can bring up answers that may surprise you. Tarot is also going to give you the answer that is most likely at the moment of the reading. I like to remind clients that we have free will and we can choose the path indicated by Tarot or we can choose a different path.

How to Prepare...

Show up with an open mind! Tarot may provide a response different than the one you were hoping for. Before dismissing that response, take a moment to sit with it and see what comes up for you. It may be that the response provided is actually what you need to hear.

Who is Tarot for?

I believe we can all benefit from Tarot. I've had people ask me if Tarot is a tool of dark magic. In my hands it is definitely not as my intention when using Tarot is to help my clients to heal.

What are ways Tarot can be used?

Most commonly Tarot can be used to answer questions. Tarot is also a resource for understanding our life path. We each have a birth card in the Tarot, as well as a card that helps us to see what our path is over the course of each year.

Where did Tarot originate from?

The roots of Tarot can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Initially, Tarot was played as a game in Italy in the 15th century. The decks from this time period are similar to the Tarot decks in use today. The use of Tarot for divination did not begin until the late 1700's.

Book A Session

Here at Elevate we have our signature Tea and Tarot experience that is designed to answer questions and provide guidance to all participants. You'll cozy up with a cup of hot tea, a blanket and a bolster, and your closest friends and learn what Tarot wants to share with each of you!

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