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Bringing Meditation Into Your Aerial Yoga Practice

Meditation AND aerial yoga? Is that possible? Of course, it is! It's common for us to think we need to close our eyes to gain the full benefits of meditation.

Remembering that it is also easy to forget that aerial yoga is fundamentally the practice of yoga with the use the hammock as a prop. And yoga is fundamentally the practice of physical movement, breath control and overall finding harmony with the body and mind. This is where adding meditation into your aerial practice comes into play! As you move through each aerial shape, here are some meditation techniques to try:

  • Start your practice with an intention to help you engage and connect more in your practice

  • As you ground yourself ask what you need from this practice today (e.g., sense of peace, awareness, to calm the mind and body or to simply find joy)

  • Directing the mind to how the hammock feels against the body

  • How the breath feels in the body vs. trying to perfect a shape

  • During holding shapes direct your gaze towards one focal point in front of you

  • Notice what you hear in the room (e.g., music, tone of the instructors voice, your breath)

And always remember that the same principles we learn in a mat based yoga class or meditation class can be applied all throughout your aerial flow. Using these techniques can also help you build more body-awareness and help you know your limits and where you are in your practice that day.

So... the next time you are in class, bring a new perspective to your aerial practice...

  • What did you notice about your body and mind that day?

  • How did one shape feel versus the other?

  • Were you remembering to breathe?

Photo Credit: NVS Photography

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