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Come Meditate With Us

Come Meditate With Us

Elevate Yoga & Wellness is your commUNITY meditation studio nestled in Downtown Phoenix, a peaceful oasis in the city. We offer unique guided meditation classes for every lifestyle, in both group class settings and private sessions.

Our aerial meditation classes give your subconscious a path to unwind by floating in a silk, making you feel weightless and allowing your nervous system to relax. This form of meditation will push you into a deeper, even more restorative meditation giving you the sense of wakeful rest.


The floating experience will relax the mind and may relieve aches and tension in the body as a sense of calm overcomes the mind and body. The overall experience will feel like you're floating on a cloud and you'll never want to leave.


Whether you want to learn how to meditate, find a home for your meditation practice, or just want to give yourself peace of mind in this fast-paced world, join us as we help you elevate your meditation experience.

what to expect


Each meditation class will include a guided portion focused on body scanning and breath work so you can embrace the moment, and reconnect with yourself and everything around you.


Class will begin with gentle stretching and movement, using the aerial silk, to release physical tension in the body preparing yourself for the powerful benefits of sound meditation.


Students will be immersed into a deeper meditative state with a variety of harmonic sounds such as crystal bowls, gongs and even voice, all aimed to help slow down thoughts in the mind.


Floating weightless in an aerial silk helps enhance the relaxation in your nervous system with gentle pressure from the silk. Students may also choose a grounded spot instead.

Please note, doors are locked at the start of class to ensure students getting zen aren't disrupted. It's important to arrive early for these classes as no late entry will be permitted. Aerial silks are guaranteed to the first 14 students to register. Once the aerial silks are full, students will be invited to take a grounded spot.


We offer flexible pricing options for everyone! Whether you're looking to practice as little as once per week or more, our meditation memberships are designed to keep your practice going alongside our amazing commUNITY! All options include access to our in studio AND livestream harmonic sound classes.

*Membership terms are 12-months. Contact us for details.


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the goal of meditation

isn't to control your thoughts,

it's to stop letting them control you