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Attending Livestream Classes + Events

Join our team of virtual instructors 3x per day for a livestream class. We are also hosting weekly social events to keep everyone connected. Attending is as easy as 1-2-3. We invite everyBODY and everyONE to join us from where you are, as you are.

We also know that sometimes we have our 4-legged friends and our kiddos and even our spouses, roommates and all kinds of other things around us, but that's ok! Everyone will be muted during class so we encourage everyone to join.

And, after class we will unmute everyone and open up the room for connection and social time. This is the perfect time to stay engaged and connected with your yogi friends, instructors and maybe even make some new connections!


Step 1: Visit our online schedule (or the Wellness Living mobile app) and pre-register

Step 2: Download the Zoom app (do this ahead of time)

Step 3: Join our virtual studio (Meeting ID 224-502-6707) and enter the password (2762) and your full name. NOTE: It's important you include your full name. This is how we know it's you and we're able to confirm you're registered for class.


Each class is a little different, but in general you can plan on clearing out a safe space you feel comfortable to practice in. Other things you can gather:

  • Yoga Mat (No mat? That's ok, just practice where you are!)

  • Blocks (Books or cans can be used instead.)

  • Blanket (Grab your favorite blanket or even bath towels.)

  • Bolster (Pillows and couch cushions also work wonders.)

  • Strap (A scarf, tie, or anything that resembles a strap can be used.)


If you are a current member, all livestream classes and events are included in your membership for FREE!

Not a member? That's ok! The more, the merrier. We invite everyONE and everyBODY to join us. We are offering weekly passes that include unlimited classes for $25 (or, pay what you can). At checkout when you are registering for a class, simply select the virtual class pass. If you would like to pay a different amount, either text us (602-456-2762) or email us (

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