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Embrace Transformation: Using the Full Moon in Aeries As A Healing Journey

Are you ready to step into a realm of renewal, liberation, and self-discovery under the radiant glow of the full moon? This October 1 will be an enchanting evening of cosmic connection as the full moon graces us from the astrological sign of Aries, the time is ripe for liberation and starting anew. Get ready to embark on a profound journey of healing and transformation.

Embrace Transformation: Using the Full Moon in Aeries As A Healing Journey | Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Phoenix, Arizona

Unlock the Mysteries of the Full Moon in Aries

Our October Full Moon Circle is a bi-annual gathering that promises to immerse you in the enchanting energies of the moon and its cycles. This 2-hour transformative experience will be led by our seasoned guides, Paige and Julie, who will navigate you through the celestial wonders of this unique event.

What to Expect:

  • Guided Meditation: Begin your journey with a tranquil guided meditation that will help you attune to the energies of the full moon and Aries, fostering a sense of inner liberation and rebirth.

  • Breathwork: Harness the power of your breath to release pent-up negativity and embrace fresh, rejuvenating energy. This practice will help you let go of the past and welcome a brighter future.

  • Journaling: Explore your innermost thoughts and emotions through journaling. Dive deep into self-reflection as you rewrite your soul's contract, shedding any undesirable aspects and replacing them with your dreams and desires.

  • Sound Healing: Allow the soothing sounds of healing vibrations to wash over you during our enchanting sound healing session. Experience profound relaxation and alignment of your body and mind.

  • Affirmation Card and Journal: You'll receive an affirmation card and a journal to continue your personal journey of growth and self-discovery beyond the evening.

Rewriting Your Soul's Contract

Life begins with a soul contract, a blueprint that guides us through our experiences and lessons. At times, this contract may carry residual negative energy, thoughts, or emotions from our past or even past lives. During this transformative workshop, you will have the opportunity to rewrite your soul's contract, shedding the weight of the past and replacing it with your deepest dreams and desires. We provide the tools you need, including a dedicated notebook, to facilitate this powerful process.

The Super Full Moon in Aries

This upcoming Full Moon is not your ordinary lunar spectacle; it's a Super Full Moon, meaning it will appear larger and more vibrant as it orbits closer to Earth. Aries, known for its spirited and adventurous nature, imbues this Full Moon with wild and powerful energy. It's the perfect time to release the old, embrace the new, and let your inner fire guide you toward transformation.

Join the CommUNITY of Healing

Whether you seek to connect with like-minded individuals, release the burdens of the past, or simply dedicate some time to self-care and self-discovery, our Full Moon Circle is open to all who are ready to embrace transformation.

Mark your calendars for this empowering event, and let the Super Full Moon in Aries be your guiding light as you embark on a journey of liberation and renewal. Together, we'll make space for new beginnings, and let our souls shine brightly under the cosmic embrace of the full moon.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience. Reserve your spot today and prepare to elevate your life in the radiant glow of the Aries Full Moon. We look forward to sharing this magical evening with you.

Full Moon Circle

Sunday, October 1


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