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Find Your Flow: On + Off The Mat

So many of us have been exploring (or re-exploring) our mat practice these last 30+ days. You might find that it's been uplifting, refreshing, and maybe you've reconnected with your true self. Or maybe, you've been having a hard time of getting into a groove. Wherever you are at in your journey, it's ok. The best thing about a yoga practice is it always meets you where you are at, that day, in that moment.

Whether you've been connecting with your mat or not, there are so many ways to find your flow off of your mat. And, when we do these small things, we might find that we're able to reconnect even harder when we are on our mat! Off the mat, flow is possible when a few core pillars are alive, together.

  • You are clear in your vision, or drishti

  • Aligned energetically with your breath

  • Solid in your foundation on the earth

  • Do the work with passion & purpose

When these four pillars are combined, that's when you start to tap into your artistry, or the realization of the life that you want to live.

Being "in the flow" means being graceful and loving in everything that you do. For example, since feelings of anger or competition don’t contribute positively to your flow, you would choose to respond in loving ways such as always being kind to yourself, pay attention, and to be loving with your family, partner and friends. Flow comes from living in alignment with what makes YOU feel most alive. That is the key thing is remembering that what makes YOU feel alive may be very different than others, and that is ok!

So how can we put some attention on these 4 pillars? Here are some helpful links on how to tap into each one of them and easily begin implementing today!

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