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Find Calm, Boost Immunity

Did you know?

When you're under stress, your breath may be faster than normal, or you might find that you're unconsciously holding it in.

This is simply a reflection of how your nervous system is doing! But, the good news is that you can use conscious breathing techniques (pranayama) to bring yourself back into a rest and digest state, limiting the damaging effects of stress.

When you practice calming breathing techniques regularly, it can also boost focus and immunity. According to a 2018 study from the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Global Brain Health Institute, breathing can regulate levels of noradrenaline—a chemical released when you focus.

Your body produces too much when you're stressed and too little when you're tired, but just the perfect amount when you slow your breath down and practice calming pranayama. Researchers found that shallow breathing tends to keep the body in a cycle of stress, which can make you more prone to illness.

Here are 8 breathing techniques you can use the next time you feel yourself getting stressed out or anxious:

  1. Conquerer Breath: Ujjayi is the beginner-friendly springboard for all other formal pranayama. read now

  2. Mindful Breathing: Discover mindful breathing and how it can help you dealing with daily ups and downs. read now

  3. Single Nostril Breath: Learn the two versions of Single Nostril Pranayama: Surya Bhedana (Sun-Piercing Breath) and Chandra Bhedana (Moon-Piercing Breath). read now

  4. Intentional Breath Retention: Discover the two types of Kumbhaka: breath after an inhale (antara) and after an exhale (bahya). read now

  5. Fast Paced and Resting Breaths: This advanced pranayama can help you and a friend or family member share feedback in a constructive way. Who doesn't need help with that? read now

  6. Lion's Breath: Pursue laughter in your practice with Simha pose (lion pose) to blow off some steam, wake up your face, and lighten up. read now

  7. Channel-Cleansing Breath: Discover Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breath, to help reduce stress. read now

  8. Sound Breath: Learn Svara Yoga Pranayama for increased breath awareness and control on and off your mat. read now

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