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Embrace Change: Our Air Room Refresh

We've got some exciting news that's sure to ignite your inner yogi spirit! From March 16th to 20th, we're embarking on a journey to refresh, revitalize and expand our beloved Air room, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share the journey with you.

What's Happening

We're bidding farewell to the old and ushering in a new era of tranquility and space as we merge our cozy Air studio with the welcoming embrace of our lobby. This transformation will create a spacious sanctuary that's perfect for diving deeper into your practice, connecting with fellow yogis, and discovering new paths to wellness. Although we will no longer have a formal lobby for you to arrive in, this change will open up more spots in classes in our Air room.

What This Means

  1. Imagine exploring new class formats, workshops, and community events in a space that's as vast as your imagination. Get ready to stretch, breathe, and soar like never before! We will be migrating our Silks and our daytime classes into this space and making room for more classes.

  2. Say goodbye to cramped corners and hello to ultimate zen. We're elevating the comfort factor with upgraded amenities and a serene ambiance that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. We anticipate being able to add 4 additional spots in our aerial yoga classes.

  3. By merging these two spaces, we're creating more capacity in classes, making it easier than ever to secure your spot and dive into your practice without the worry of waitlists.

Preparing For Change

We understand that change can sometimes feel like attempting a challenging yoga pose – a little intimidating at first, but incredibly rewarding once you find your balance. Trust us, this makeover is going to elevate our space to new heights, and we can't wait for you to experience it firsthand.

What you can expect...

  • From Sat, Mar 16 (pm) through Wed, Mar 20 (am) - You'll use the 3rd Ave (Earth) room entrance for all classes while we are renovating the other space.

  • Beginning Wed, Mar 20 (pm) - You'll enter through the door you are scheduled in:

    • Earth Room: Door along 3rd Avenue (west side)

    • Air Room: Door across from parking garage (east side)

  • Linda, our Aesthetician with Mood Studios will primarily be using the 3rd Avenue door

  • Tracy, our PT with Better Fit Therapy will use the door dedicated to her room

  • Everyone will share the hallway, bathroom and water cooler so you'll still be able to socialize in between classes in this common space

  • Always ensure you arrive 10-minutes early for check in

  • If you are running late, be sure to text the studio

Stay tuned for more juicy details about how these renovations will enhance our day-to-day operations. In the meantime, dust off your mat, cue up your favorite yoga playlist, and get ready to embark on this exciting journey with us. Big things are on the horizon, and we're so grateful to have you along for the ride!

Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Phoenix, Arizona

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