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10 Ideas for Having More Fun

As many of us are at home, facing a new challenge of keeping ourselves—and our family members—optimistic, busy, and entertained, here are just some of the many ways to have fun now and throughout the year. We hope you're inspired to try something new!

1. Channel Your Creativity 

Fun is about expressing your creativity through craftsmanship. Maybe trying something new such as knitting, cross-stitch, and quilting. These activities can be a form of meditation. You can feel your heart rate and breath slow. And, at the end of a session you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

2. Savoring Something Sweet

Maybe try to bake! This tasty activity can be a creative outlet. Share the goodies with others and watch as they enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

3. Taking on a DIY Project

Maybe you have been wanting to an outdated room just for fun. Started learning tricks for affordable DIY’s, turn up the music and get to work! You might find that working on home projects, such as painting, actually relaxes you!

4. Master a Craft

Maybe try your hand at woodworking! After a full day at a desk, an activity such as this allows you to be active and creative in a different environment. And since you're new at it, it provides you with a means of accepting failures and ongoing lessons. 

5. Color Outside the Lines

To alleviate the stress of the day, try coloring. Whether you use a coloring book or grab a blank piece of paper. Use coloring pencils and pens, and express yourself in a way that you can't when you're seated in front of a computer all day.

6. Sightseeing

A great way to pass the time is by get out into your neighborhood and exploring, and it gets you moving. Gazing at things you're normally surrounded by but may not have taken the time to notice before through a new lens actually makes it enjoyable!

7. Become a Bookworm

Literary conversations over a cup of coffee or glass of wine are a great way to make friends and broaden your reading horizons! And, with all of the technology we are surrounded by, this can easily be done virtually right now.

8. Make Music

Whether you are a musician or not, it's never too late to learn a new skill or just learn more about the art of making music! For example, did you know that the word dulcimer means “sweet sound” and is perfect for playing melodies, ballads, and old-time tunes.

9. Belt it Out

Sing—even if it's off-key and do it loudly. Turn up the music and really belt it out in the worst singing voice {or best} can muster. It’s simple and fun and can make you feel lighthearted!

10. Collect Something Cool

Maybe you have a passion for music. Why not start collecting records? The search for these artifacts is endless and the fun is limitless whether alone or find a pal that also enjoys this!

What are some of the ways you like to have fun? Share with us in the comments below!

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