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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Let’s face it: as a new mom you have a lot on your plate! Your body has just been put through the wringer and is still healing. You are adjusting to a new sleep(less) schedule and dealing with the demands of feeding and caring for your new baby. With a flood of hormones taking over, you may find yourself overwhelmed and lacking motivation to venture outside the house.

However, making time for yourself and getting out is so crucial to your mental and physical well-being. It is for this reason and, much like any new mama, after having a baby I knew that I wanted to get back into shape as quickly as I could but also knew that spending quality time with my little River was one of the most important things to me!

As soon as I was able to get back to my practice, I did. I started with attending classes with other new mamas and then eventually jumped back into teaching. As soon as I did this I knew that I wanted to share the beautiful practice of a mommy n' me class with other new mamas!

I created this mommy n' me class and designed it with both mama and mama's littles in mind. These classes are intended to enrich the mama and baby bonding process through mindful movement using a unique approach with the aerial hammock. Some reasons I created this class include:

  • Get back in shape after baby was born

  • Fun way to workout with baby

  • Activity to get out of the house and take baby with

  • No fees for babysitting or daycare

  • Meet other mamas and littles that are the same age group

  • Helping and connecting with other mamas

  • Sharing the understating and importance of breath work

And, besides these reasons there are so many benefits I wanted to share with other mamas from instilling the importance of activity from a young age, helping the littles learn to play with and be around other littles, increasing mama's energy levels, improving mama's sleep (yes, the breath work we'll explore will help with those sleepless nights), and help fight postpartum depression (because this is a real thing) because staying active and connecting with other new mamas will help us combat those feelings!

I look forward to sharing this practice and creating a safe space for all mamas to be themselves, get moving and connect with their littles in a unique way. Let's do this!

NOTE: We no longer offer this as a group led class. It can be booked as a private session by requesting here.

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