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Why Anyone Can Learn Reiki

Did you know? We ALL already have life force energy within us. But what exactly does that mean? Here we will explore just that along with why anyone really can learn Reiki.

What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is a word for life force / chi /prana, guided by divine wisdom or source. Simply put... think about the way the roots of a tree grow deep seeking out water, or how the way branches grow towards the sun. The energy behind why the roots and branches do this is the same as our own body knowing how to heal itself by knowing how cells divide.

This energy flows in, and around us, through all living things! Meaning that you have this energy on tap whether you knew it or not. The system of Reiki as we know it today contains and includes practices that work with this energy. One way is by getting a Reiki session to unclog the energy field and get the life force flowing smoothly again. Another way is to become attuned, where the flow is ultimately widened!

How Energy Is Exchanged

All of us already naturally exchange Reiki! Think about anytime your hands are instantly drawn to a place of pain without thinking about it — you place your hands on our heart when experiencing heartache, you hold your stomach with grief or anxiety, when a mother places her hands over her child's wound, you hold your head when you have a headache, we hug with our hearts touching when we need love or affection, and so on! Just think for a moment of those actions you take each and everyday without thinking about it.

When we perform these actions (or receive them), why do we feel better? It's because an exchange of life force just happened! Another example is when we send prayers or love to someone. We are sending life force to them over time and space. Reiki flows where intention goes.

Imagine what our world would be like if we were all more aware of this capability — this birthright — and knew how to do more with it?!

How Does One Learn Reiki?

Reiki is a system of a lost knowledge. Think of it in terms that we are technology and our bodies are intrinsically designed to thrive BUT the way we live in modern society, we stifle the flow of life force. We have a bad day, low energy, etc. so we amp up on coffee or sugar. We feel overwhelmed or anxious so we wind down with scrolling aimlessly through TV, sooth with alcohol, weed or other vices?

What if we just listened to our natural rhythm? The way society has functioned for centuries, it's become not as simple over the years. Our innate knowledge / ability to simply tap into our natural rhythm has been taken from us. The reality? The system of Reiki simply needs to be "REdiscovered". In fact, in thriving ancient civilizations, knowledge was vast on the body's energetic technology. Although these ancient ways have been lost , what if we developed the ability to listen to it again? Let's first start here — one does not need to be "gifted" to learn or practice Reiki! Yep! Many people may think that you need to be psychically gifted do Reiki but in most cases it is actually the other way around. The practice of Reiki actually expands our own intuitive awareness. How exactly? It includes things such as daily practices of calming the mind, tuning into the body, clearing one's energetic field and building the chi. This all leads to being more in tune with subtle energy that you normally wouldn't notice when they are all, shall we say, "clogged up".

Learn More

Whether you are interested in tapping into this energy for your own self-healing journey or you want to become a practitioner, helping others' healing journeys, becoming attuned is within you! Join one of our upcoming Channeling the Light: Reiki 1 + 2 Programs where you'll learn the basics of self-healing and how to practicing Reiki on others. Together we can change the world by being a light for those around us.

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Get to Know Raychel

Raychel is a Reiki Master Teacher that is dedicated to helping others improve their health and happiness, through a combination of Reiki Healing and Alchemy Coaching. She believes that the key to transformation is not denying or rejecting what one has been through, but by honoring it. read more


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