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Aerial Silks Teacher

Mariah Teal Lindberg is from the Land of the Crunchy Granolas (or Banana Slugs) in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. She now lives among the pines in Prescott, Arizona, regularly visiting Downtown Phoenix to sharpen her mind at Arizona State University (ASU) to pursue (and complete) her PhD in Public Administration and Policy. 

She comes from a multi-varied background, having grown up studying ballet and playing team sports year-round. Mariah participated in Division III athletics and Dance X during her undergraduate career at Lewis & Clark College. After that, she pursued strength conditioning and calisthenics, training to gain confidence in the gym and improve her abilities in snowboarding and skiing, biking, running, paddleboarding, yoga, and hiking. During this time, she worked with and learned from coaches, personal trainers, and various instructors, thus developing a diverse understanding of movement and exercise. 

In February 2023, she was introduced to Elevate Yoga & Wellness through happenstance, quickly discovering a new passion to add to her many others: aerial arts! Less than a year later, Mariah formally completed her 50-hour aerial silks instructor apprenticeship with Jessica Ferguson, a mentor and fellow instructor at the studio. She has since expanded her aerial arts practice to include straps and rope apparatuses, actively conditioning and honing her skill set nearby at Arizona Circus Center and on her outdoor apparatus when she is not experimenting here in the studio.

Today, Mariah remains one of our Aerial Silks instructors, helping expand the program and our class offerings to include a conditioning and active flexibility class. You can expect shaky, on-fire muscles as you gain body awareness in her class, thus becoming stronger and more intentional in your movements and practice. Mariah emphasizes aerial safety, with fun as the primary goal. Mariah’s favorite thing about Elevate is the people from different backgrounds, skill levels, and abilities. She finds that everyone’s willingness to grow together and develop a safe and supportive environment for their practice(s) is special – the unique community space brings her joy and a sense of belonging!

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