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Aerial Yoga Teacher Sub

Grecia, Aerial Yoga Teacher Sub

Grecia’s interest had always been to build bridges through the arts, movement and communication as a way to help people on a deeper level. That is what grew her love of movement, sound, and multiculturalism into her every day life and what has inspired her to create her signature Movement Medicine and Meditation class.


She is a firm believer in the wisdom of the body, the strength of the heart and the power of the breath. After studying dance, yoga and movement, she has dedicated her life to being a creative mind-body educator, inspiring and empowering others to take charge of their lives and live their own dreams.


Her teaching style is a fusion of contemporary movement with traditional wisdom, which always contains a spark of creativity (shakti!) with deep intention. She honors the body as a sacred vessel to explore this world with and uses her spiritual practice to help others peel away the layers of their being to understand their own personal power and role in life, or dharma.

She specializes in teaching all levels of vinyasa and aerial yoga classes that are centered on cultivating healthy and safe functional movement. With this foundation, Grecia’s students can expect to create an awareness of how to shift stagnant patterns to create deeper physical harmony. Grecia is motivated by curiosity, creativity and compassion for the individual human experience. Her classes are playful, lighthearted and accessible to all.


Grecia’s passion to help others heal, grow, connect and find peace in life really pulled her heart to become a fitness instructor and she first made the decision to complete her Zumba and Movement Instructor certifications in 2013 and since then has also completed her Trauma Informed Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga certifications in addition to her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and Aerial Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship.

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