Movement Medicine Teacher

Grecia’s interest had always been to build bridges through the arts, movement and communication as a way to help people on a deeper level. That is what grew her love of movement, sound, and multiculturalism into her every day life and what has inspired her to create her signature Movement Medicine and Meditation class. 


With her degree in Business, with an emphasis in Marketing, she has been able to connect with clients from all over and has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for the past 8 years. She loves motivating everyone she comes across to live their healthiest life.


Her passion to help others heal, grow, connect and find peace in life really pulled her heart to become a fitness instructor and she made the decision to complete her Zumba and Movement Instructor certifications in 2013. She has also completed her Trauma Informed Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga certifications in addition to her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.


She has a fun loving, high-energy personality and loves to encourage and cheer people along their own journeys to becoming healthier, brighter, and happier beings through movement, healthy living and sound healing. Grecia is here to help in creating an environment that thrives on self-acceptance and love.