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Elevate Aerial Silks: A Journey of Growth and Mastery

Two years ago, we took a leap into the world of aerial silks, not knowing the incredible journey it would create for our community. With just one class a week initially, we had no idea the demand and passion it would ignite. As more students eagerly embraced this beautiful art form, we quickly realized the need to expand our offerings to accommodate different skill levels and aspirations.

Aerial Silks | Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Phoenix, AZ

Aerial Silks Takes Flight at Elevate

What started as a single class, and vision born through the eyes of Jess, soon blossomed into a comprehensive program with multiple levels, each designed to cater to the diverse needs and goals of our students. The introduction of a foundations class for beginners provided newcomers with the essential groundwork needed to embark on their silks journey with confidence.

Simultaneously, an intermediate class catered to those who had already begun their aerial silk adventure and were ready to take their skills to new heights.

As fate would have it, Jess embarked on a maternity leave journey, presenting us with both challenges and opportunities. During her absence, we were fortunate to have Mariah and Heather step in to lead classes, ensuring continuity and progression for our students. This period of transition became a pivotal moment for the evolution of our aerial silks program.

Aerial Silks | Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Phoenix, AZ

Reaching New Heights

Recognizing the need for further advancement and specialization, the concept of Aerial Silks Elevated was born.

This advanced level was designed to push the boundaries of possibility, challenging experienced students to explore dynamic movements, advanced wraps, and intricate weight shifts. It was the culmination of dedication, perseverance, and a shared passion for aerial arts.

The Three Pillars: Foundations, Intermediate, and Elevated Levels

Today, our aerial silks program stands tall, boasting three distinct levels that form the cornerstone of the curriculum.

Aerial Silks – Foundations

This class is designed to give you the knowledge base to step into our Aerial Silks classes with confidence! It focuses on the strength and technique needed for Aerial Silk skills, and is perfect for those brand new to silks or aerial in general. You’ll learn fundamental shapes and wraps, along with basic climbs, foot locks and Aerial Silks vocabulary to set you up for success in our Aerial Silks classes.

Aerial Silks

As students progress to the intermediate level, they delve deeper into sequences, shapes, and weight shifts, honing their skills in preparation for the elevated stage. Class moves at a faster pace and focuses more on the strength and technique needed for Aerial Silk skills. Students will explore conditioning using the aerial silk and work on climbing the fabric. Each class has a specific skill focus, such as learning foot locks, inversions, wraps and various shapes that can be done within. It is strongly recommended that you attend at least 8 Aerial Silks – Foundations classes prior to joining this class and should be familiar with: basic climbing, single and double foot locks, hip key, catcher's wrap and crochet hang.

Aerial Silks – Elevated

In this advanced class students will begin to work on multi-step skills and longer aerial sequences. Class incorporates conditioning that includes inversions, pull-ups, and multiple climbs. Skills will consist of longer sequences with multiple options, advanced wraps and locks, and some weight-shifts. Students should first attend our Aerial Silks classes prior to joining this class and feel confident in the aerial silk independently. Students should be able to perform the following skills prior to joining: basic climbs, single and double foot locks, hip key, catcher's wrap and crochet hang.

Aerial Silks | Elevate Yoga & Wellness | Phoenix, AZ

Gratitude and Looking Ahead: Celebrating the Journey So Far

At Elevate, we believe in fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where students can thrive and grow, both as individuals and as artists. Our aerial silks journey is not just about mastering a set of skills; it's about self-discovery, empowerment, and the joy of reaching new heights, both physically and creatively, and of course, connecting with our community and cheering each other on!

As we reflect on the remarkable evolution of our aerial silks program, we are filled with gratitude for the community that has embraced and supported us every step of the way. Together, we soar higher, reaching for the sky and beyond, united by our shared love for the art of aerial silks.

Join us and embark on your own aerial silks adventure. Whether you're a beginner taking your first tentative steps or an experienced aerialist seeking new challenges, there's a place for you in our vibrant and welcoming community.

Elevate your passion. Elevate your skills. Elevate with us.

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