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Why Should I Bring My Own Hammock To Class?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Much like why you want to bring your own mat to class, did you know that bringing your own hammock has loads of benefits? That's right! Here we explore what some of the reasons are of why you want to bring your own hammock to class.

But first... Did you know that every time you practice you generate energy? This energy goes into the space around you, the ground beneath your feet, into the air that we breath, into your mat and yes—into the hammock you are using! There's power behind keeping this energy flow to yourself and not get someone else’s energy mixed with your own by sharing a hammock.

Now, let's get into our top reasons why to bring your own hammock to class:

Helps To Build A Strong Connection With Your Practice

When you have your own personal hammock, much like having your own personal mat, there's a special connection to your practice that begins to develop. It helps us look forward to our practice and have a different appreciation for every sequence, shape, inversion, and even every class we experience. It ultimately helps us create a sacred space for our own personal practice and journey.

You Can Take It With You Wherever You Go

Even if you don't have a home setup (which is actually a lot easier to install than you think—just ask and we'll give you all the deets) imagine when the weather is amazing being able to taking your hammock to the local park and being able to just hang out on the monkey bars with your hammock? Yep, when you have your own hammock you can practice from home or wherever you'd like! This will also help you create a sense of connection with your practice when you are away from the studio!

You Get To Choose The Color

We all have certain colors that we are drawn to—those colors that just make us smile, put us in a good mood, and those that we just connect with for one reason or another. Picking your own color also allows your personality and uniqueness shine through when you are in class and can even boost your mood because it's YOUR favorite color!

You Feel Rooted Through Familiarity

Ever come into a class and you are just having a hard time to get grounded in your practice (it happens to us all)? And we're not talking about rooting into the ground! Yes, even when we're not connected to the ground we can still create a sense of feeling rooted. When you have your own personal hammock—that isn't shared with others—it can quickly help us ground and feel rooted through connection from the moment we start our practice! Remember the sharing of energy we talked about? Having your own mat, hammock, props, etc. all play a role in that warmth that being rooted gives us.

Connect With Your Practice Before You Even Get To Class

You've got your hammock (and yoga mat) in hand and you're out the door—that connection with your practice begins before you arrive to class! This also gives us a sense of ownership, accountability and pride in our practice—and yes, you level up to pro status!

So... How Do I Purchase A Hammock?

There are a lot of options out there and we've spent LOTS of trial and error to find a high-quality hammock that feels good on the skin and will last! The hammocks we use in our studio we also sell! For use in our studio (because of those high ceilings) we do require that you purchase a 6-yard hammock. There are shorter options, but the 6-yard one not only gives you enough length for use in the studio but you can make it shorter to use anywhere!

What's Included?

You'll not only receive your 6-yard aerial hammock, but the hammock comes ready to use with two carabiners and two runners (don't worry, we'll teach you everything you need to know if you end up taking it home to use). And, your first 30-days of valet in studio are included too!

And, in addition to everything we already talked about, bringing your own hammock to the studio will help reduce water waste from laundering hammocks after each use.


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