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Aerial Yoga Bootcamp: Tone, Flex n' Stretch

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that combines fitness, flexibility, and fun? Look no further than our signature Aerial Yoga Bootcamp, where you'll soar to new heights and discover the power of mind-body connection. Here we'll delve into the how we combine our unique approach to aerial yoga combined with bootcamp, exploring the benefits, details, and why it's a must-try experience. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to sign up for this unique fitness adventure!

Aerial Yoga Bootcamp in Phoenix, Arizona

Why Choose Aerial Yoga Bootcamp?

Our Aerial Yoga Bootcamp is a conscious program that blends aerial yoga and intentional training to increase strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, mobility, focus, and power. Each 6-week program is an intensive experience that includes weekly in person training and accountability sessions. You'll train as a group in a small, semi-private setting using:

  • Aerial yoga hammock

  • Interval training

  • Cardio bursts

  • Resistance bands

  • Body weight

  • Restorative yoga for recovery

Aerial Yoga Bootcamp in Phoenix, Arizona

You'll not only build stronger bodies through this in person training, drills to complete in between sessions, but also with a support system that is unmatched. We keep these cohorts small and intimate to give you the opportunity to work on your own personal goals, while being cheered on by others in the group! Plus, you'll get 1x1 accountability with your coach, Charley.

The focus will be on bringing a variety of philosophies together so the body and mind are balanced, refreshed and strengthened. This is not your typical aerial yoga class: be prepared to get your sweat on and burn some calories – and have some fun along the way!

Benefits of Aerial Yoga Bootcamp

Aerial Yoga Bootcamp in Phoenix, Arizona

Full-Body Transformation: Through a combination of aerial yoga poses and dynamic movements, participants can expect improved strength, flexibility, and balance.

Fun and Light-hearted Atmosphere: Aerial Yoga Bootcamp embraces a positive and joyful ambiance, creating an environment where participants can let loose, challenge themselves, and connect with others.

Mind-Body Connection: Aerial yoga encourages mindfulness and deepens the mind-body connection, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Inspiring CommUNITY: Joining an aerial yoga bootcamp opens doors to a supportive community of like-minded individuals, inspiring one another to reach new heights both on and off the mat.

Success Stories

You can't grow what you don't measure. A big part of bootcamp is determining your baseline at the beginning and re-measuring at the end to see how far you've come in 6-weeks. You'd be surprised at what you're capable of in such a short amount of time. Growth, large and small, is celebrated based on your personal goals! Here are just a few examples of previous bootcamp student success:

  • Cynthia H: Improved her plank hold time by 40 seconds and was able to improve her forward fold reach significantly when attending her first bootcamp

  • Laura R: Increased her plank hold time by nearly a minute and a half and went from being able to not get into a yogi squat to being able to squat all the way down and hold it comfortably

  • Rachel F: When Rachel first started she could just barely touch her toes but her mobility and flexibility improved so much she can now reach past her toes and her wall sit improved by over a minute

  • Casey K: Improved her plank hold by almost an entire minute and was able to do 7 more push ups by the end of her first bootcamp

  • Laura V: Improved her wall sit time by 35% and added 6 more push ups to her ability

  • Kat B: Doubled ALL of her metrics but most impressive was her ability to increase her wall sit by 6-minutes

If you're ready to embark on an uplifting journey that fuses fitness, flexibility, and fun, then Aerial Yoga Bootcamp with Charley is for you. This 6-week experience will offer incredible opportunities to tone, flex, and stretch your way to a healthier, happier you. Step out of your comfort zone and experience the transformative power of combining aerial yoga and semi-private training.

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