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Elevate Yoga & Wellness is your commUNITY studio nestled in Downtown Phoenix, a peaceful and artistic oasis in the city. We offer these unique Movement Medicine classes for everyONE, everyBODY and every ability level, in both group class settings and private sessions.

These classes give us the space to express ourselves through dance, the most celebratory form of expression! You'll get your heart pumping through a variety of dance styles from hip hop and Latin dance to ballroom and ballet followed by a calm cool down set of stretches that is aimed to help avoid injuries and unnecessary soreness. After 45-minutes of muscle-toning, heart-pumping, full-body movement and deep stretching we'll end with a 15-minute grounding sound meditation, washing the body in the vibrational sounds and energy from the crystal bowls! When we allow our bodies to bathe in the vibrations, it helps to align our energy and physical bodies with the vibrations of the bowl, the vibration of the chakras.


Whether you want to just get out there and simply find movement, find connection through commUNITY, or just want to give one hour each week back to yourself, we invite you to join us as we help you elevate your movement!

what to expect


Each class will incorporate a wide variety of choreographed dance routines and styles led by a trained instructor. Two left feet? That's ok! Your instructor will teach you what you need to know along the way!


Each class will feature fun, up beat and unique playlist that will make you not only want to move but truly feel the energy and positive vibes, feel empowered and ultimately have loads of fun! 


At the end we will spend time grounding with a guided meditation complete with harmonic sounds all aimed to help slow us back down, ground and allow the benefits of our practice to soak in.


Meet Your Instructor

Grecia’s interest had always been to build bridges through the arts, movement and communication as a way to help people on a deeper level. That is what grew her love of movement, sound, and multiculturalism into her every day life and what has inspired her to create her signature Movement Medicine and Meditation class. 

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We offer flexible pricing options for everyone! Whether you're looking to practice as little as once per month or once per week, our Movement Medicine memberships are designed to keep your practice going alongside our amazing commUNITY! 

*Membership terms are 3-months. Contact us for questions.


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