Aerial Yoga Teacher

Liz is an Arizona native who grew up in the west valley and has moved all over since then. For Liz, movement was a practical and stimulating way to express herself. She started off by teaching gymnastics and migrated to teaching aerial yoga. Liz thoroughly enjoys teaching and also being taught. Every day gives the gift of lessons and knowledge to be given. We all have different experiences and journeys that Liz always enjoys being a part of.


Liz completed her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2018 and followed that up with a 32-hour ELDOA 1 & 2 certification. Early in 2020 she completed her Yoga Mobility Certification with the Mobility Manifesto and International Yoga Teacher, Robin Martin. Being a yoga teacher at Elevate has allowed her to discover her own spiritual growth as well as her physical practice where we are all united in a way that promotes creativity with an open heart and mind.


Liz's teaching style is fitness, flexibility and mobility based. She enjoys providing modifications and ensuring that everyone feels empowered and confident in their abilities by the end. Yoga has been such an immersive teaching for her. Her goal is to provide a safe and comfortable way for your body to move as it naturally can and does. To move with comfort and integrity is all she wishes for any client she works with. The flow and fun of our practice is to show yourself and your body its range of capabilities. 


She is also a silly woman and that may be incorporated into anything and all that she does. Professionally and happily she’d be honored to fly or flow with you! 


“May the divine woman in me salute the divine wonderful person in you.” —Liz