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NVS Photography

Tami of NVS Photography has taken a number of our pictures featured throughout our site! She believes the key to making a photograph that will capture the hearts of her clients is making a connection with them, and that is exactly what she has done with us! She has been able to capture the true art that aerial yoga is!

MeetMe Downtown Phoenix

​MeetMe Downtown brings people of all ages to downtown Phoenix for a weekly social walk / run, engaging individuals and businesses in a vibrant event that showcases downtown Phoenix as a prime location for healthy activities. We are proud to be a MeetMe Downtown partner offering discounts to all participants!

Preferred Partners

The MonOrchid

We are grateful to call The MonOrchid home! Without them we would not have such an amazing, diverse place to practice the art of aerial yoga in. The MonOrchid is a co-working space nestled in the heart of downtown featuring an art gallery, venue for weddings and events, a coffee shop, plant shop, and so much more!

The Dressing Room

The newest addition to our family at The MonOrchid, The Dressing Room is a micro restaurant featuring global street food. It's the perfect setting to enjoy a night cap after elevating your asana with us! And all students will receive 50% off their drinks after attending class. We say why not, life is about balance!


We are blessed to have some of the best partners in the valley! Each of these partners are unique in their own way but all have provided an immense amount of support in our adventure! We're thankful to have them as a part of our family and highly recommend them all to our students!