• Always arrive a few minutes before class begins to set your mat out, get your props, and for aerial classes, get fitted for your swing.
  • If life has you running late, try to quietly find a spot and place your mat down and join in.
  • We promote a judge free zone and invite all students to "Just Do You" - do not compare yourself to anyone else in class. Your body and its geometry is unique to you. 
  • Do not make a habit of leaving during final savasana as this is intended to be a wonderful final pose and it is disrupting to others. Make yourself, your mind and your body a priority and give yourself to the entire class. 
  • Avoid private, side conversations while your teacher is giving instruction and working hard at creating a great space and vibe.
  • Come to class with an empty stomach and bladder (but eat smart throughout the day).
  • Please leave your phone on silent and leave any valuables in your locked car. 
  • Leave your worries at the door and enjoy the moment!
  • Please pay for your class and don't be that person. We have made classes affordable so that we can all enjoy.

General rules...


  • Bring a mat, but if you don't have your own, we will have mats available you can borrow (limited availability).
  • Stay hydrated! It's hot in the desert so we encourage students to bring water. We also encourage students to try to practice yoga on an empty stomach, but keep in mind you will be moving, twisting and practicing inversions! Eat smart throughout the day prior to class.

What if I have an injury...

  • Wear comfortable clothing that breathes.
  • A shirt with sleeves is recommended your first few visits.
  • ​Remove all jewelry and anything that may snag the silks.
  • Yoga is practiced barefoot, so leave your shoes and worries at the door!

Frequently Asked Questions

& wellness

Is Yoga a religion...

What do I need to Bring...

What do I wear...

  • No, Yoga is not a religion. Yoga means 'to unite' and at Elevate Yoga & Wellness we focus exactly on this principle! 
  • We focus on the physical asanas, proper alignment, breath work and meditation.
  • Our space is about cultivating an environment that all people feel accepted, welcomed and comfortable. 
  • Please let the teacher know of any injury or limitations that you may have before class begins so that they can make suggestions or give some options for you to practice safely.
  • Please never practice yoga when you are feeling ill or think you have a fever. We would rather you take care of yourself and come back to practice when you are feeling better.
  • We encourage students to modify all poses demonstrated in class as needed. Listen to your body!

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