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In Aerial Yoga Restore classes and workshops, you will float through a series of luxurious supported poses with the aerial silk positioned about a foot off the floor designed to help you relax and slow down. Drift quietly for several minutes as the gentle positions facilitate deep release in the physical and energetic body. With the combined support and comfort of the aerial silk and restorative yoga poses, students will enjoy melting away physical and mental tension, resulting in a deeply rested body and mind.

  • Levels – This class is geared towards all levels, whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga (or aerial yoga) for years!
  • Duration – Varies (check schedule)
  • Class Flow – Slow
  • Teacher Assistance – Teacher will provide assistance for students if needed
  • Inversions – No inversions are included in this class type
  • Prerequisite – None

Aerial Yoga - Restore